How to check fake news on WhatsApp [Search]: Best Method

WhatsApp Messenger

One of WhatsApp’s biggest concerns is to combat the large number of fake news shared on the platform. That is why the company is developing ways to reduce the spread of fake news. Find out how to check fake news on WhatsApp through the search feature implemented in the app. How to send a large video via WhatsApp [Android,

Audio download failed on WhatsApp : How to Fix

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Configuration problems cause the download of audio to fail on WhatsApp. In our article, we will cite examples that may be creating audio download failed and the step by step to solve them. Failures don’t just happen with audios, they can occur in any file exchange. Failed to download audio on WhatsApp; audio only? Not necessarily. The processes of

How to send large size video on WhatsApp

If you tried to send a large size video through WhatsApp and when it says the file is too large or the option to make a cut appeared, you will need to convert the media to a smaller format before you can send it by messenger. There are applications that can help to decrease the final size of this attachment. Understand the limits and how to

How to reset WhatsApp QR Code : Step by Step Gyude

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You shared the QR Code of WhatsApp , but suspected to have leaked or been shared with who should not? There is a way to renew the image and prevent strangers from sending you a message without authorization. See how to reset WhatsApp QR Code on your personal or Business account. What is WhatsApp QR Code? The QR Code of the

Restore Whatsapp Messages on New Phone [with different number]

Know how to use more than one WhatsApp account on your computer

It is possible to restore WhatsApp conversations from an old cell phone and device, to a new device and different number. The process is simple, but it is necessary to have the SIM with the old number on hand. See how to restore WhatsApp conversations. How to restore WhatsApp conversations WhatsApp allows you to restore conversations from

How to have a verified business account on WhatsApp

How to have a verified business account on WhatsApp

For starters, a WhatsApp business account can be classified as either an “Official Business Account” or a regular “Business Account”. However, companies using WhatsApp Business cannot request or pay to transform their “Business Account” into an “Official Business Account”. I’ll explain later. Only companies chosen by the platform are classified as “Official business account” on WhatsApp. The classification of

How to download WhatsApp to a Windows 7 PC

download WhatsApp to a Windows 7 PC

If you still have an old computer and want to know how to download WhatsApp to a Windows 7 PC,  here are some suggestions for using the big screen messenger. At first, WhatsApp does not have official software compatible with the operating system launched in 2009. WhatsApp on Windows 7/Photo: WhatsApp Web on Windows

How does WhatsApp make money? (monetization of messages)

How does WhatsApp make money

In 2014, Facebook spent $19 billion to buy WhatsApp, which at that time had 450 million monthly active users. Today, the messenger is used by more than 1.5 billion people in 180 countries – one billion of which are daily assets. It is natural to ask: how does WhatsApp make money? That’s what we’re going to deal

How to install WhatsApp Desktop on Linux [Ubuntu]

FRANZ Ubuntu WhatsApp

It is possible to install WhatsApp Desktop on Linux, using different third-party clients. One of the simplest is Franz, which allows you to use other messaging apps like Tweetdeck, Facebook Messenger and Telegram at the same time. How to install WhatsApp Desktop on Linux [Ubuntu] There are a few simple ways to use WhatsApp Desktop on Linux,