Audio download failed on WhatsApp : How to Fix

Configuration problems cause the download of audio to fail on WhatsApp. In our article, we will cite examples that may be creating audio download failed and the step by step to solve them. Failures don’t just happen with audios, they can occur in any file exchange.

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Failed to download audio on WhatsApp; audio only?

Not necessarily. The processes of exchanging media through WhatsApp include: videos, audios, photos. In any type of media, the settings and functions required for sending and receiving are basically the same.

How to solve problems of changing media on WhatsApp?

Connection instability (Internet)

The most common case is to check if your internet speed or connection is unstable. How to solve?

  1. Close WhatsApp;
  2. Try to connect your phone to a website through the browser;
  3. If you don’t connect, the problem is with the internet connection used;
  4. Look for another network to connect or contact your operator.

Incorrect cell date and time

If your device’s date and time are incorrect, your smartphone will not be able to connect to the WhatsApp server. This will prevent the download. How to solve?

  1. Go to Settings (Android) or Settings (iPhone);
  2. Select System (Android) or General (iPhone);
  3. Set Date and Time (Both).

The best thing to do is to leave it in automatic mode, updated with your network, if you have problems, do it manually. Make sure to set the correct time zone.

SD Card Problems

If your memory or SD card is out of space, WhatsApp will block the download of new files. The recommended thing is to clean the files folder of the App to free up space.

  1. Go to your phone’s Gallery or File Manager;
  2. Select your SD card or HD device;
  3. Usually, there is only a breakdown of WhatsApp, delete the files.

If the download of WhatsApp still fails to download, perhaps the card should be formatted. Formatting erases all recorded data, another option would be to buy a new card.


Make sure your SD card has a manual lock for recording lock, release it so you can record new files. If there is no manual lock, the SD system may be corrupted, only formatting or replacement will resolve.

More information: FAQ WhatsApp

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