Instagram Reels: how it works and how to make them

Instagram Reels are coming: here’s what they are and how the new TikTok-like function works. Here’s how to make them and start creating clips.

Instagram Reels: how it works and how to make them

What Instagram Reels are and how they work, or the app is Mark Zuckerberg’s response to TikTok?

Instagram Reels is the novelty on which the popular app, cornered by the Chinese rival, has been working for some time: after the test period the new function enters the rollout phase with curious users who wonder how to make them and what changes respect to normal stories.

Basically in a similar way to TikTok, from which it draws direct inspiration: multi clips of 15 seconds, which allow you to create a sort of montage, and effects and sounds to enrich the post production of normal stories.

How to make an Instagram Reel

To create an Instagram Reels you have to open the camera inside the app and choose the Instagram Reels function, located at the bottom of the editor (just scroll through the various icons until you find the one related to the Reel represented by a clapperboard).

Instagram Reels looks almost like an app in the app: once we open the dedicated panel we will find all the tools necessary to create your own clips on the left side of the screen, called Reel, which allow you to apply the most imaginative and varied filters.

Through the options you can in fact add a song, mix the original audio with the added one, select filters or effects in AR: in short, almost everything you need to create a TikTok.

How Instagram Reel Works and What Changes From Stories

Instagram Reel goes beyond answering and trying to chase the TikTok success formula and adds a series of useful options to make the stories even better.

For example, a countdown is added to start the recording of the clips, useful when you have to stage something more elaborate, a tool to align the various clips on the same horizon line in order to make the scrolling of the same more pleasant.

There are some points in common with posts and stories, such as hashtags, but there is the possibility of creating a cover for the recorded clip and the chance to end up on the Explore section (in order to further increase your followers and your following).

It is no coincidence that Instagram has defined the novelty as:

“A new way to express themselves and discover new things, Reels helps anyone with the ambition to become a creator to conquer the scene.”

Wannabe influencer? This is your chance.

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