WhatsApp, animated stickers arrive: how to have them on iOS and Android

How to have animated stickers on WhatsApp: the debut of the new stickers is expected with the next update for iOS and Android. Here’s how they work.

WhatsApp stickers

Animated stickers arrive on WhatsApp, ready to change the way we chat through the app for iOS and Android once again. But how do you get them?

The animated stickers on WhatsApp have appeared in the beta version announcing their debut also on the main app with the next update: the stickers have long revolutionized the popular instant messaging app, introducing different packages of stickers (and apps that allow you to create them personalized through your photos ) themed to choose from.

The arrival of animated stickers, highly anticipated by users, aligns WhatsApp to the competition, on all Telegram that has been using this type of stickers for several years. To reveal the imminent arrival of the new feature is WABetainfo, which reported all the details related to the next update.

Here’s how they will be and where you can download the new animated stickers for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp animated stickers: how they work

Many have tried to download them without success: the animated stickers on WhatsApp are not yet available in the official version, although they are in the pipeline on all smartphones compatible with the latest version of the app. In the digital stores there are numerous third-party apps present, especially on Android, often not working and users who wanted to take advantage of animated stickers like on Facebook Messenger have found themselves forced to fall back on the now tested GIFs.

WhatsApp Animated Stickers 1

The new animated stickers will take advantage of a principle really similar to the latter even if they do not report a continuous and looped animation (unlike the counterpart on Telegram). Once sent, in fact, the sticker will only move once and to reactivate its animation, you will have to scroll through the chat from the bottom to the top or vice versa.

How do they work? The animated stickers will be included in the sticker package, next to the current ones, and once selected the one we are interested in, simply press and hold your finger on it to see a preview (exactly like Messenger) and then release to send it to the recipient on duty.

WhatsApp Animated Stickers 1

The feature is available within the beta for iOS and Android (version on Android and on iOS) and as shown by WABetainfo the animated stickers will also be compatible with the PC version WhatsApp Web.

Their activation for the moment seems to be manual: you can in fact send an animated sticker only after having received one from another user. To begin with, there will be 5 packages available: Rico’s Sweet Life, Moody Foodies, Chummy Chum Chums, Playful Piyomaru and Bright Days while for the creation of personalized animated stickers there is still some waiting.

There is currently no official launch date for the new feature, which is expected to arrive in the coming weeks through a new dedicated update.

WhatsApp Animated Stickers 1