How to create custom WhatsApp Sticker in Android

Here’s how to create your personal custom Whatsapp stickers. Do you want to create stickers for WhatsApp? Here’s how to do it

Create custom WhatsApp stickers

As you have certainly read in our previous articles, for some weeks now WhatsApp has introduced the stickers and custom stickers on Android and iPhone, just like Telegram.

Although very recent and new, this feature that allows you to add stickers to our chats of WhatsApp is really fun and appreciated by users, so much so that there are already many who are looking for a quick and easy way to add new stickers to those present by default on WhatsApp. 

And just about this topic, we recently published a guide in which we explained what are the best apps to download WhatsApp sticker.

In the guide we have proposed not one, but two apps that allow you to download sticker for WhatsApp to be added to chats with friends and acquaintances.

But today we want to do even more. If all the WhatsApp stickers to download are not enough for you, today we’ll explain how to create personalized WhatsApp stickers. 

Thanks to this guide you can create many WhatsApp stickers from scratch, using your photos and your images. In this way you can create stickers and stickers WhatsApp of friends, relatives, acquaintances, animals or more starting from the photos in the gallery of your phone.

But let’s not waste time in chatter, let’s go straight to the action and let’s create our personalized WhatsApp stickers. 

Create custom stickers and stickers on WhatsApp: here’s how

The procedure to follow is very simple and affordable for everyone, also because there is an app that practically takes care of doing all the dirty work.


The program in question is called Sticker maker for WhatsApp: it is an application that offers the user the possibility to create a package of stickers for WhatsApp using photos or memes.

The interface of the app allows you to create packages of stickers in 3 simple steps: you just have to choose a name for the package, the images to include (with the ability to cut the desired portion by drawing the shape with a finger) and publish the pack of stickers. Really simple and fast.

NOTE: the image cropping function is a bit delicate to use. It works well on smartphones with a nib, otherwise it is a bit difficult to select the parts of the images to be kept and those to be cut. I recommend preparing the images first using a PC or through one of the many websites that allow you to remove the background from the images. In this way, creating the stickers for WhatsApp with this program will be much simpler, more convenient and faster.

Each package can contain up to 30 stickers that must be inserted in the appropriate spaces available.

Once the package is published, it will be made public in the sense that CHIUNQUE will receive the stickers you sent, in turn, you can download the package and re-share it with others. Example: if you make the stickers in the form of a swastika (as I saw in some chats) and send them to your friends, they can download and forward them to others, which in turn can download them and forward them to others. Clear?

In addition to being simple to use, the Sticker maker app for WhatsApp is available for Android for free without in-app purchases (even if supported by advertisements).

So if you want to create custom stickers for WhatsApp, I suggest you run to download the app now and get to work. In a few simple steps you can create your personalized WhatsApp stickers and you can use them in chats with friends and relatives.

All in an easy and fast way.

Here is a detailed guide on how to create your personalized sticker packs for WhatsApp and start sending personalized stickers to your contacts.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and search for the ‘Sticker maker for WhatsApp’ app (link below)
  2. Download the app and launch it on your smartphone
  3. Click on “Create a new sticker package”
  4. Enter the name and the author of the stickers package
  5. Touch the new list option and a page will open with the empty sticker tray
  6. Add the stickers package icon and then tap the next tray to add a new custom sticker
  7. Tap on the empty tray to add a new sticker and you will be asked to take a new photo or import one from your gallery
  8. After selecting the photo, it will be uploaded to an image editor
  9. Crop the image with the tip of your finger based on what you need
  10. Now save the image and repeat these steps to add more custom stickers to the package
  11. When you’re done adding stickers to the package, touch the Publish an adhesive package option
  12. You will be asked to add these stickers to your WhatsApp: accept and go to the WhatsApp app to enjoy these new personalized stickers just created


As a better alternative to the program just presented, I recommend Sticker Studio – Sticker Maker for WhatsApp. 

It works very similar, almost identical, but I think the image cropping function is better implemented and more precise. 

Try them both and choose the one you like best.


If the apps you just presented were not to your liking, we have an alternative that also offers something more.

Personal stickers for WhatsApp, in fact, is another application that allows you to send any image from your smartphone as a WhatsApp sticker.

Using the app is very simple. You just have to respect some guidelines for the images you are going to create:

  • Each image must have a transparent background. For this it is advisable to have an image editor to work with the levels and save the result in PNG format (there are still many free apps that do more or less all automatically and many websites that do the same thing for free)
  • The image size must be 512 × 512
  • Each sticker must be less than 150 KB as a maximum weight. Also in this case there are many websites that allow you to reduce weight and size of images online and for free
  • Keep a margin of 16 pixels between the image and the outer edge of the frame

As anticipated, I prefer the first two apps reported, but this is a viable alternative, a bit more awkward and complex to use.

The application is available for Android for free without in-app purchases and works with WhatsApp 2.18.341 and later.


For this new guide on the WhatsApp stickers we have concluded.

Before concluding, here are a couple of useful links:

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