Order of “Status” and “Stories” WhatsApp: this is what it depends on

WhatsApp beta: In iOS ranking for the Status and stories is in test. WhatsApp as Instagram: Stories and Status will no longer be in chronological order

Sorting Stories WhatsApp Status: how it works, what it depends on

WhatsApp introduces the ranking, currently only on iOS but soon also on Android 

Big news coming soon for the famous WhatsApp messaging app. 

As you surely know, very soon it will soon start to advertising within the in States and the Stories, just as it already happens on Instagram and Facebook.

As if this important change was not enough to overturn the social life of users, soon there will also be other news regarding Status and Stories on WhatsApp. 

Change the ordering of Status and Stories WhatsApp

Soon (we do not know exactly when), WhatsApp Stories and Status Updates will no longer be shown in chronological order. 

Contrary to what happens now, in the Stories and Status of WhatsApp we will first see the contacts with which we have more interactions, then all the others to follow.

The logic is the same as Facebook and Instagram, but now it has also arrived on WhatsApp.

The “Ranking” function in the Stories and Status of WhatsApp arrives

WhatsApp started testing the new “Ranking” feature within the beta version for iOS operating system.

There is currently no information regarding the same functionality on Android, where it will still arrive.

The news, at the moment not official but absolutely reliable, comes from the usual guys on the WABetaInfo website that in the last hours have also explained what the new feature of the instant messaging app is.

As easily understood by the name, the WhatsApp Ranking feature automatically classifies all contacts on an account by placing their position in the “Status” section (or Stories) based on the number of interactions we have with these users on WhatsApp.

In practice, as in the Stories of Instagram, we will first see the status of contacts with which we chat more often, then all others to follow.

Order Stories and WhatsApp Status: what does it depend on?

Among the data taken into consideration by this new algorithm of WhatsApp, for example, we find:

  • The number of messages/media exchanged with a contact
  • The number of phone calls received or made with a contact
  • If you are in the same group with answers and quotes
  • If you view or ignore a status

In practice now it is easy to find out if someone betrays you on WhatsApp: just open the Stories or Status and see which contacts appear before. 

Even if the chats with that contact are always deleted, stored or hidden, the updates of that contact will always appear at the top of the list and will certainly raise suspicion. How is it possible that a contact’s Status Stories or updates are always at the top of the list, while there are no chats and conversations with that person? It does not take a genius to understand that the chats have been deleted, and there will be a reason …

When will this novelty of WhatsApp arrive for everyone?

At the moment we do not know.

For now, the ordering of the WhatsApp status based on the most frequent contacts is undergoing beta testing. However, I think that in a few months the news will also come on Android and then for all users, even those who do not use WhatsApp Beta.

For now, just remember one thing: once you have analyzed the interaction data with the various contacts of WhatsApp, the messaging app will no longer take into account the chronological order of the Status, but will organize them according to the highest ranking level.  At the top of the list the accounts with the most interactions will appear, while below there will be those with a minor ranking.

I’ll update you as soon as this news is available for everyone, keep following us!

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