One of the most interesting features introduced by iOS 12 is the screen time widget that appears on the iPhone and iPad screen to the left of the Home screen, simply by swiping to the right. Although this feature is very useful for understanding which activities we use the most on our device and which processes are consuming more power from the battery, there are many users who would prefer to disable screen time on iPhone and iPad saving space between the widget screen.

Although this is a feature that is recommended to keep active in your device, if you want to disable it is important to know that all the statistics on applications and consumption recorded will be removed but you can still re-enable the function at any time without any problem. If you plan to activate or remove iOS 12 screen Time, you are reading the appropriate guide to solve your problem: but remember, if the battery life of iPhone and iPad is rather poor this system service may be the most useful for help you to know the causes and solve the problem in the best way.

Disable Screen Time in iOS 12

To disable screen time on iPhone and iPad, the procedure to perform is quite simple. First of all, the service is only available in iOS 12 and later, so if you have an older version, the steps in this guide will not be able to help you; To proceed, open the iOS Settings and scroll to Screen Time.

At this point scroll the screen until you reach the item written in red Disable the option “Screen time” and confirm by clicking on Disable the Screen Time option again.

From now on iPhone will no longer track consumption and limitations set by the configuration panel: now you’re using the device as always, without exploiting this powerful function of the new operating system.

How to activate Screen time

On the contrary, if you have chosen not to use this function during initial configuration or you think it is better to know this information on consumption, you can reactivate the option in an easy and fast way. All you have to do is go through the procedure described in the previous paragraph, then open the Settings for iOS 12 and tap on Screen time, at this point select Activate the option “Screen time” to begin the configuration procedure.

Read carefully what is proposed to you and configure the device in the best way: by default, the procedure to follow requires the touch of the Continue button after having decided to activate the function. Then press on It’s my iPhone when prompted. In this way you have reactivated the function correctly and from the widget screen you can get all the information on the use of the device, consumption and set limits of use.


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