Best WhatsApp Sticker To Download Free

Here’s where to find lots of new stickers to add for free to WhatsApp. Download free WhatsApp sticker: here are the best and most beautiful

Where to Download WhatsApp Sticker for Free?

As you have certainly read in our previous articles, for some weeks now  WhatsApp has introduced the stickers and custom stickers on Android and iPhone, just like Telegram.

Although very recent and new, this feature that allows you to add stickers to our chats and conversations of WhatsApp is really fun and appreciated by users, so much so that there are already many who are looking for a quick and easy way to add new stickers to those present by default on WhatsApp. 

Actually the stickers in the base app of WhatsApp are little or not too beautiful, but fortunately add new stickers to WhatsApp is a simple, convenient, fast and affordable for everyone.

So if you also want to customize your WhatsApp for Android and iPhone with new stickers and original stickers for your chats, you’re in the right place.

The following is the best solution that will allow you to add many sticker packages to WhatsApp, regardless of whether you have an Android smartphone or iPhone. 

Let’s not waste time, let’s start immediately with the guide.

Sticker for WhatsApp free to download

The best way to add new stickers and stickers to WhatsApp is to:

  • go to THIS PAGE  (there are 40 packages, among those dedicated to the Android universe and those designed for the iOS world and therefore for the iPhone)
  • choose the sticker package you prefer (or even all). You’ll find some for Android, others for iOS
  • click on the relevant link (App Store for iPhone or Play Store for Android)
  • download and install the sticker package for WhatsApp
  • Go to WhatsApp and start using these new stickers

Simple, easy and fast, right?

And here that as if by magic you have added many new stickers to your WhatsApp and you are ready to use them in all the chats with friends and acquaintances.

Best Android WhatsApp Sticker – BONUS

If you have an Android smartphone, I suggest you to download THIS FREE APP, which contains a lot of WhatsApp sticker packs ready to use.
Stickers for Whatsapp is an application developed by Talimedia that offers packs of stickers for the popular instant messaging app.

The packages are assorted and provide users with themed stickers such as games, pets, celebrities, dogs, cats, TV series, emoji, etc., and some Telegram stickers. There are packs of stickers from the Pokémon GO, Super Mario Bros, Minecraft, Rick & Morty and many more coming in the future. In short, we have something for everyone! 


Do not forget that the Android and iOS developers are showing particularly interested in the contents for the application of messaging WhatsApp, so it is expected that in the coming weeks we are witnessing a real rain of interesting contributions regarding the stickers.

As soon as new apps or packages of valid stickers arrive, however, we will add them to this article that we will try to keep up to date.

For now we have concluded.

Let us know what are your favorite stickers for WhatsApp!

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