How to Send Photos without Compressing with WhatsApp in Phone

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service in the world that almost everyone uses to stay in touch with family and friends. There are many features that this platform offers, such as the ability to send images, videos, GIFs, audio files, contacts and even voice notes. However, there is an industry where WhatsApp has received criticism over the years as the compression of images when they are sent. WhatsApp has always been characterized as the app that compresses image files when they are sent via the messaging platform, reducing quality with a significant margin, in order to increase speed. It would be interesting to know how to send photos with WhatsApp on iPhone without compressing them. I can tell you that this is possible through simple features within the iOS system.

How to send photos with WhatsApp without compressing them

Not everyone prefers speed on quality. If you are interested in sending photos with WhatsApp on iPhone without compressing them, maintaining the quality of the image, well, without further ado, continue reading to find out how you can send photos with WhatsApp with the original resolution.

Usually, when we are in a WhatsApp conversation and we want to send a picture, we try to attach it by taking it from the telephone gallery. This is not the method we use in this guide. Simply follow the next steps to get this result in a few seconds.

Send photos with WhatsApp on iPhone with original resolution

STEP 1 – First, download WhatsApp from the App Store, open it and click on the “+” icon to associate the image you want to send. As we said, we do not use the Gallery to take photos to attach. The trick to not compress the photos to be sent is that we have to add them as a document. So, after entering WhatsApp, simply tap “Document” and the compatible apps will appear to take photos from. If the default app appears, such as iCloud Drive, click on Browse below to view a list of all compatible apps. The iCloud DriveDocuments or Dropbox apps must be downloaded and installed on your iPhone.

STEP 2 – Before sending the photos, you must have already uploaded them in one of the apps mentioned, such as iCloud DriveDocuments or Dropbox. If you do not have them on your iPhone, you will first have to download them for free from the App Store. Open WhatsApp now and with the procedure indicated in the previous step, go to the app where you have uploaded photos and images to share with the procedure we have seen. From WhatsApp open the app and browse the folder that contains your photos and select the specific image. Once found, click on it.
STEP 3 – The chosen image will be loaded in the conversation of WhatsApp with the original quality, keeping the same pixels without any compression. Once you have sent the image, you can check whether it has been compressed or not paying attention to the weight of the MB image that you find in the detailed information of the file.


It’s all here. The trick is that instead of sending it as a photo, we sent it as a document to prevent WhatsApp to recognize it as a photo and then compress it automatically. You will notice that if you send the image as a document, you will not receive, as normally happens, the preview of the image as when you send a picture on WhatsApp.

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