Telegram : How to make video calls Complete guide

How to make video calls on Telegram: the trick is available within the Beta version. Here’s how to get them on iOS and Android.


How to make video calls on Telegram: the popular instant messaging app, direct rival of WhatsApp, is full of features such as animated and customizable stickers, secret chats, but not the ability to make video calls between users.

An option that in time of lockdown cannot be missing: video calls, in particular group ones, were the real form of communication during the coronavirus emergency (connecting many distant users confined within the home).

Telegram now retraces its steps and provides for the arrival of video calls on both iOS and Android: here’s how to have them.

Telegram: how to have video calls on iOS and Android

Currently, video calls are not officially present within the app: to have to rely on the beta version of Telegram and especially the iOS version.

To receive this function you must be enrolled in Apple’s TestFlight program (useful for trying out apps such as WhatsApp beta): however, the option is not always available for all users and it is generally possible to access brackets through a limited number of places that it unlocks gradually.

If you have an iPhone the reference version is the 6.3 of the Beta of Telegram: not only that, the system to activate them is also hidden with a real trick. To activate video calls, it is necessary to make 10 taps below on the settings icon located at the bottom right.

The screen dedicated to video calls on Telegram appears basic and intuitive, with three buttons dedicated to the microphone, at the end of the call and when the camera is switched between front and rear.

It is not clear the reason for this hidden option (absent on Android): most likely the developers are taking more time to better elaborate the functionality destined to arrive also in the next official updates.