Civilization 6 Cheats and Codes : How to Activate and Use

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a game that has few known cheats and codes. Even few, they help during the real-time strategy campaign. Not that it is a difficult game or with several obstacles. But, for those who like it, it is possible to activate some of the few tricks present throughout the adventure and get some advantage.

Civilization VI

How to use cheats in Civilization VI

To use the cheats in Civilization VI, you need to activate the so-called “debug menu”.

It is a special menu and aimed at game developers or producers of unofficial modifications. Before teaching how to activate, the warning is worthwhile: it may not be a safe way to enjoy the game, due to the risk of producing unpredictable results. Always backup your installation files before modifying.

How to activate the debug menu

  1. Find the place where the game is installed;
  2. Enter the folder of the installed game;
  3. Open the AppOptions.txt file with Notepad, inside the game folder;
  4. Find the line “EnableDebugMenu 0”;
  5. Change to “EnableDebugMenu 1”;
  6. Save the change to the file and close it.

Once this is done, open Civilization VI normally and, within the game, press the single quote (‘) key. So the debug menu will open and you can use the commands.

Remember that the tip is only for Windows, since the game was not released on other platforms. In addition, reinforcing: back up the AppOptions.txt file, before performing the procedure.

Cheat List

The codes for Civilization VI are little known so far, especially since it is the most recent game in the series – released in 2016 – and also the one with the most protections.

Still, there are some codes, find out which ones are below:

Code Code effect
Reveal All Eliminate the “Fog of War” (Show the entire map)
Explore All Marks the map as 100% explored
Show Time Of Day Access to the tool that modifies, in real time, the time during the game

Civilization VI is sold in digital format in the main online PC game stores, in particular Steam and Epic Games Store. In the latter, it was given for free between May 22 and 28, 2020. In addition, the game also has several expansions launched.

The codes also affect these additional contents.