How to send large size video on WhatsApp

If you tried to send a large size video through WhatsApp and when it says the file is too large or the option to make a cut appeared, you will need to convert the media to a smaller format before you can send it by messenger. There are applications that can help to decrease the final size of this attachment. Understand the limits and how to send a large video via WhatsApp (On the desktop, web, iOS or Android version).

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Size and time limits

There are some rules for sending videos within WhatsApp. This is the problem when trying to send files that are too big, which would take several minutes and could consume a lot of internet franchise, if it is the connection in use at the moment.

The WhatsApp support page reports that the limit for image and video files is 16 MB. However, when trying to send large files via the computer, the limit imposed is files less than or equal to 64 MB.

On smartphones, iPhone and Android, when a video is too large to be sent, the suggested option is to make a cut, selecting only the most interesting section.

In some cases of videos that are not that long, but that exceed 64 MB, the application itself is able to compress and send, but not on all media.

How to send a large video via WhatsApp

On iPhone:

  1. Download the Video Compress  app from the App Store;
  2. When opening, allow access to your photos to select the video you want to reduce;
  3. Select the file and tap the ✔️ in the upper right corner;
  4. Adjust the horizontal scrolling until the video size is less than 64 MB;
  5. Touch the icon to save, in the upper right corner;
  6. Wait for the rendering and then tap “Save”;
  7. Now, just go to WhatsApp and do the sending.

On Android:

  1. Download the Smart Video Compressor and resizer app ;
  2. When opening, allow the app to access your media;
  3. Choose the video you want to reduce to send via WhatsApp;
  4. In “Quality”, adjust the scroll bar until the “Est. file size ”is less than 64 MB;
  5. Touch “Convert”;
  6. Give the file a name, if desired, and tap “Done”;
  7. Then just send that new video in the chat.

On WhatsApp Web or desktop app:

  1. If you use WhatsApp on your computer, a web app can help: go to;
  2. Click on the “Add files” field and choose the video on your computer;
  3. Wait for the media to upload on the site;
  4. When ready, options will appear in the option “Output files”, click on the file name (in green);
  5. The video will open in a new tab, right click on it and choose the option to save to the computer (download);
  6. Then, just try to send it again on WhatsApp (if necessary, repeat the process to further reduce the video size).

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