PS4 for kids: Parental control, family group and more tips

Currently consoles have become an electronic devices used by the whole family, however the concern arises that children do not access inappropriate content, after all it is not possible to keep an eye on them all the time. See how to set up the PS4 for kids, have control over the amount of hours played and prevent kids from accessing inappropriate content.

PS4 for children

PS4 for kids: parental control, family group and more tips

Setting up the PS4 for kids is slightly simple and there are several filters to restrict access to violent games, the internet, in addition to being able to configure the amount of time that the little ones will be able to play.

First it is necessary to have an adult profile registered on the console and an account on the Playstation Network, but first we will see how to access the standard restriction control of the device.

How to access the system restriction control on PS4

  1. Go into settings;
  2. Select Parental Controls/Family Management;
  3. Select system restrictions and enter the access code (default is 0000)

Within the menu “Standard parental controls” it is possible to regulate the restrictions regarding the indicative classification of games, the display of Blu-Ray discs, DVDs and the permission to release the use of Playstation VR and some more controls such as:

  • Allow the creation of new users;
  • Apply filters on the web: It is necessary to download a paid app that controls access to the sites;
  • Temporarily disable all device restrictions;
  • Change the system restriction code

How to create a family account on PS4

Family accounts on PS4 function as a group in which an adult account can manage permissions for other accounts and profiles added to this family account.

  1. Go into settings;
  2. Select Parental Controls/Family Management;
  3. Select Family management;
  4. Select Add family member;
  5. Select Create User
  6. Accept the terms;
  7. After that, the console will enter the parental controls menu;

Among the privileges, the family account manager can offer permissions for the other adults in the group to set permissions for children and unlike children, adults can use the device’s online resources without problems.

It is possible to define various restriction parameters such as the level of control of the display of games, Blu-Ray discs and DVDs. These levels of control range from 1 to 11. The lower, the greater the level of restrictions.

How to control game time on PS4

Controlling the play time on PS4 is one of those functions that parents will feel like kings, after all the console allows the possibility to define a schedule of times during the week, with very specific controls, such as defining that on Mondays and Wednesdays the child can play for an hour between 18 and 19 hrs.

To do this go to the Family Management field and choose the user that the restriction will be applied to.

After stipulating the playing time that a child can play, you can define that at the end of the time, the device issues a notification or even logs out, automatically interrupting the game. This is reminiscent of those situations where people played for time at video stores and the TV turned off when the time was up. If you are in your 30s you should remember that.

It is possible to apply different levels of restrictions for each user within the family account, so those responsible for children of different ages can use this control to restrict different content for each child using the PS4.

Remember that each user can only belong to one family account at a time.

It is also possible to create a profile for children on PS4 and apply parental restrictions through the Sony website and the Playstation application on the mobile phone, available on the Play Store and App Store.

How to create a family account on the PC

  1. Access the Family Management website ;
  2. Log in with your PSN account;
  3. Go with account settings;
  4. Select Family management;
  5. Select add family member;
  6. Select child and fill in the requested information;

How to create a family account on the Playstation App

  1. Install the Playstation App on your phone;
  2. Go into settings;
  3. Select family management;
  4. Select configure;
  5. The app redirects to the Sony website. Then the process is the same as the PC;

How to find out the level of parental control of a game on PS4

As we said, it is possible to define parental control levels and to find out what level a game fits into, go to the console’s home screen and do the following:

  1. Go to the game icon, press “options” on the controller;
  2. Select Information;
  3. Select Parental Controls: The game level is the first information;

The lower the level of the game, the less chance there will be of inappropriate for children.

Now you can have more control over the amount of hours, the content that your children can access and with that be a little more relaxed.

Other information at: Sony

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