How to transfer data from one PS4 to another

The PS4 has an internal tool that allows you to transmit data to another device on the same line, even if they are different models. This allows users to switch consoles for a variety of reasons. Learn how to transfer data from one PS4 to PS4 Pro or any other model.

PlayStation 4

Why transfer data?

It is common for many people to buy more than one model of the same video game console, especially when we have updates, such as PS4 and PS4 Pro. The old device may fail or become weaker for recent games.

However, the owner may not want to lose their already downloaded games, or saved game progress, or even any other data stored in memory, such as images and videos captured by the console system.

For this, there is the possibility of transferring data between the two, in an official and secure manner.

The process only requires that there are two devices in the same location and that they are updated in the latest version of Firmware, which is another name for “operating system”.

Transfer data from PS4 to PS4 Pro

It is worth noting that the transfer process is valid for any PS4, be it the basic model, Slim, Pro of any year or model, as long as it is, in fact, a Sony PlayStation 4.

As already mentioned, both devices must be in the latest firmware. Update both consoles before starting the procedure.

Before you start, here’s the alert: when the procedure is started, all data on the new PS4 will be deleted and the downloaded content will become effective. So if you use the new PS4 for any reason, save what you need.

Some data, however, cannot be transferred in any way, they are:

  • Player-earned trophies that have not yet been synced online
  • Anything installed in extended storage (external HD)

Knowing this, follow the steps to perform the transfer:

  1. If it is Wi-Fi, connect the two PS4 on the same network;
  2. If it is a cable connection, connect the old PS4 cable directly to the Internet cable socket on the new console;
  3. On the new PS4 (which will receive the data), enter the PlayStation Network;
  4. Also on the new PS4, choose “Settings” from the main menu;
  5. Then, go to “System”;
  6. Finally, choose the option “Transfer data from another PS4”.

The transfer will start. The waiting time to complete the process depends on the size of the files or games contained on the old PS4.

It is worth noting that both PS4s must have, at least, equivalent storage to carry out the transfer. If the storage of the new device is larger than the old one, there are also no problems.

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