How to delete a message from PS4 : Step by Step

When online games on consoles became popular with Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, messaging became an important tool for creating game strategies, inviting players to games or even making friends. Learn how to create, send and delete a message from PS4.

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How to create, send and delete a PS4 message

Unlike what used to happen on old Sony consoles, on PS4 every user you start an exchange of messages becomes a group. Yes, it sounds strange, but this is how it works.

You can exchange messages with one person and also create groups with the participation of several people. This option can be useful for people who play together or usually organize boosts in order to collect certain trophies in games. Each created message can contain up to 512 characters.

How to create messages on PS4

  1. Select the message icon;
  2. Go to “Create Message”;
  3. Choose a person from your list;
  4. Enter the message and select send;

To create groups, simply create a message, tag the players you want to speak to and send the message. After that the group will act as a chat.

To add a group as a favorite, simply go to the desired group, press “Options” on the controller and check the “add to favorites” option. Each group of messages can have up to 99 participants.

Malicious messages

In 2017 malicious messages began to appear on the PS4 network, in some cases these messages used a combination of characters that caused the console to enter a cycle of crashes, requiring a factory reset on the device to solve the problem.

Remember, if you receive a message with strange characters and mainly from someone you don’t know, don’t open the message. Erase directly.

How to delete a message from PS4

  1. Go on messages;
  2. Select the message you want to delete, press “options” on the control and select exit;
  3. Confirm the option to exit

And if you have deleted the message by mistake and want to recover it then here guide on how to recover deleted messages on PS4.

About deleting messages from PS4

For those who came from the older Sony systems like the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita it was normal to go on each message and delete it. This was because the messages were recorded on each device.

On Playstation 4 the system works slightly differently. Although messages appear on the device, they are stored on a Sony server, so it is not possible to permanently delete messages. Instead, we must choose the option to “leave” a conversation to not see that content anymore.

If you exchange messages with someone and select to “leave” that conversation, when you speak to that person again, the system will pull the history of previous conversations.

You can check other information on exchanging PS4 messages on the Sony website.

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