9 Best Alternate Apps to uTorrent to Download Torrent on Android

uTorrent is probably the best-known Torrent download application today. Both the client for Windows and Mac and Android accumulate several tens of millions of downloads. Part of its success lies in the ease of use of the program and the variety of functions and options that it integrates. This does not mean that there are no alternative apps to uTorrent for Android superior to the mentioned application. In this guide today we will see up to Best 9 apps for the Android operating system.


Be Careful: Use a VPN When Torrenting!

Before we start the guide and see alternate apps I’ll suggest you to be careful while using torrent. While downloading from torrents there are risks in both accessing and downloading from a torrent website. These risks range from advertisements, malware, viruses, to ISP copyright infringement notifications, and also government fines.

I will suggest you use a secure VPN like NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN for torrenting to download it.

If you are curious to know more about VPN then check our complete guide on what is VPN and how it works.

9 Alternate Apps to uTorrent to Download Torrent on Android


Surely the best alternative to uTorrent for Android. Developed by the same people as the original BitTorrent and it has practically the same functions as uTorrent. In addition to allowing us to download multiple files at the same time, it has a complete music player that classifies the downloaded music according to artists and albums.

One of its main features is the possibility of choosing the files within the Torrent file before starting the download to optimize storage space. It also has a Torrent search engine to find previously downloaded files hosted on the phone.

We can download it from the Play Store itself.


One of the best options if we do not want to turn to pages like ThePirateBay, Torrentz2 and other Torrents search engines to search for – worth the redundancy – files from movies, music, operating systems or programs.

In addition to the typical options of a Torrents downloader, it has a file search engine whose search engine is based on that of Google. Support for magnet links, possibility to choose which files to download and a multitude of options to change the color of the interface.

In the Google Play Store we can download the APK completely free of charge.


Application with an interface very similar to uTorrent. Same operation as this and practically the standard functions. Ability to download multiple Torrent files from various sources (The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrent, 1337x, TorrentZ2 …) and without any speed limit per download, although we can establish speed ranges to moderate Internet consumption.

Also, TorrDroid allows us to choose between internal memory and external memory to store downloaded files, in addition to having a native file explorer.

we can download the application from this link.


A recently created Torrents downloader and search engine. Its strong point with respect to other alternatives to uTorrent for Android is that it has an integrated file explorer to copy, move and, in short, manage the files that we have previously downloaded.

Otherwise, the application has the same functions as its main competitors. IP filter, multiple downloading torrents files, ability to limit speed WiFi so on.

We can download it for free from Google Play, although it has some paid functions.


One of the simplest applications to download Torrent files on Android. It does not have a large number of functions, and its interface seems a little old for the times. However, its speed and lightness (it only weighs 5.5 MB) makes it the ideal client for old or low-end mobiles.

It has a paid Pro version that includes some features aimed at improving the battery consumption of the application, in addition to eliminating advertising. The rest of the functions are available in the free version. Download speed limit, file control (pause and stop downloads) and so on .

We can download the application in question from the Google store


The name of the application itself already gives us a clue of which mobiles it is aimed at. The low weight of its APK makes it the best mobile client with low resources. It does this without sacrificing features against the main alternatives to uTorrent for Android.

Allows you to create Torrent files based on files within our mobile. It also has the possibility of downloading multiple files at the same time and choosing the elements to download within the Torrent. The rest of the options are similar to those of the other applications. IP filtering, speed limit, ability to save files in SD so on.

We can download the APK from the Play Store by clicking on this link.


It is not one of the best clients to download Torrent on Android, but it fulfills its mission like other applications.

With practically the same functions as the others, it has a paid version with some exclusive functions. Its strong point compared to the previous ones is the visual section of the application when it comes to indicating the download speed and the amount of data downloaded. It is also capable of showing us the remaining free space of the memory of our phone without having to resort to third-party applications.

We can download the APK from the Google app store from here.


It is not a Torrents downloader in use, but an application that allows you to view movies and series through Torrent files.

The application in question has the largest catalog of series and movies in the world. With the latest releases on the billboard, most of its content is in Full HD quality and HQ sound.

Unlike the rest of apps, we will have to download the original APK from the developer’s website.


From the oldest applications to download and search Torrents. The difference compared to other apps is that it is capable of downloading links that come from HTML addresses, as well as magnet links.

As for the other options, aDownloader includes an integrated video player capable of playing video files even during the download. In this respect, it is very similar to PopCorn Time.

We can download the application on our mobile or tablet by clicking on this link.

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