3 Tricks to play with Winston in Overwatch

Overwatch has the presence of several characters, from the most curious to the most common. Winston is one of them, a gorilla more than two meters tall and who has intelligence far above the standard – to the point of being able to speak and invent equipment. In the game, he is a “tank”, see how to get the best out of the character.

Winston in Overwatch

All the tips in this article reflect the most recent update for Overwatch, in July 2020.

1. Who is Winston in Overwatch

According to official Overwatch records, Winston is no less than 29 years old and, from a very young age, was created by the group.

He was initially raised in a lunar colony, but he lived a good part of his life also on Earth, where he fought alongside his team, Overwatch, until it was undone.

Winston was one of the few characters who remained active while Overwatch was disbanded and it was he who also started to get stray members together for the team’s return, according to the official story.

He is currently an active and titular member of Overwatch and is engaged in missions to fight enemies with his ray gun and natural gorilla skills, such as a big jump and physical strikes.

2. Advantages and disadvantages

Winston, like every character in Overwatch, is not perfect. He has strengths and weaknesses.


Winston is a “Tank” type. In other words: he can take more damage, has more life and is usually sent in front of the allies, to serve as a “shield”, while the others attack in the second wave of advance.

This is precisely why Winston has an ability that activates a shield. A huge dome that is fixed somewhere on the map and disappears when it is destroyed. Very useful against the most varied types of attacks, but it does not block enemies that enter the dome.

In addition, Winston has one of the best “Ultimate” in the game. Upon activating his Primate Fury, the gorilla is furious, his damage and health increases and he manages to take down enemies with physical blows instead of shots or lightning.


Despite resisting shots well, Winston is not the best of tanks. This is due to its dome shield, which makes enemies move forward to prevent their shots from being contained.

In addition, its main weapon fires lightning bolts and is difficult to aim. They are not bullets or projectiles, but rays that shoot in all directions and do not always hit the enemy you want. The aim must be very precise for this.

As much as Winston also has good mobility, especially with his Salto a Jato, he is not as fast as he could be.

3. Who plays Winston?

Play with Winston if you like tanks, but he doesn’t have to be your first choice. Primate Fury is very useful, but until it loads, it will take some effort from the player.

However, Winston can be interesting for anyone who wants to try to defend a good number of allies at the same time. Along with characters like Mercy, who heals non-stop, or D.Va, who is an excellent tank, he can be a good match.

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