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Overwatch is a first person shooter game developed by Blizzard. With PC ( Windows ), PS4 and Xbox One versions, the multiplayer game splits players into two teams, who must complete challenges on the map they choose to win (in addition to annihilating the opposing team). There are several combatants with different abilities to choose from and from this list you learn to play Mei in Overwatch.

3 tricks with Mei on Overwatch

1. Character Profile

Mei’s main role in any match is space blocker. She can use the “Ice Wall” ability to, for example, close doors, emergency exits or even “trap” her opponent in an ice trap to make him easier to kill.

Playing against a team that has Mei as a character requires caution, because controlled by someone who knows what they are doing, the character is usually hard work as it can easily separate your team. In addition, she can also freeze her offensive fighters, isolate the healer and make way for her squad to be completely killed by her and/or the other characters.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of Mei

Strong points

One of Mei’s main advantages is to break, even for a short time, the strategy and advancement of opponents. In this regard, your Ice Wall is a fundamental skill that gives you more mobility by blocking attacks.

Your Endothermic Blaster weapon is great for slowing enemies and dealing damage at close range. And Mei has one more advantage: her Supreme Skill is one of the strongest in the defense game. If you are on the opposing team, and within range of Blizzard, prepare to be frozen and potentially eliminated by both her and her teammates.

Mei has a high survival status, especially compared to the other 250 DPS characters, allied to her Cryo Freeze ability, which blocks attacks and heals the combatant.


Mei’s main weakness is her somewhat limited ability to deal damage. Her weapon does good damage at short and medium range, but it is one of the worst to aim at because of the delay in squeezing the trigger until the shot itself. For faster opponents it is necessary to calculate the right timing in order not to hit the void, or to be shot down.

Your Ice Wall can become a disaster for the entire team if misused, as it can also block your allies or create a trap for yourself. In short: Either you know how to play with the character or it will inevitably make your team very unhappy.

3. When to choose Mei

Mei’s ice wall is very useful and incredibly versatile when used properly (as said before). It is a great choice for more confined maps, as it can block opponents from passing or even trap them somewhere.

It also works as a good choice for teams that have at least one Anchor Tank and some hero with high damage power. Use Mei to freeze enemies while these fighters finish work.

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