3 Hanzo Tips and Tricks for Overwatch

Overwatch lets you play with combatants of different fighting styles, from the most supportive to the most offensive. It all depends on your type of gameplay. In this Blizzard multiplayer, you are part of one of the teams that needs to accomplish goals and annihilate the opposing team. Prefer a more offensive approach? Then take a look at how to play with the Hanzo samurai in Overwatch.

1. Character Profile

Hanzo is more aggressive than Widowmaker and, unlike the sniper, he is used more with other offensive characters, facing the battlefront directly, than hiding in the shadows waiting for the best moment to attack.

He is one of the heroes who may need more dedication from the player to reach perfection, but once he has mastered his ranged aim and the tricks to move and melee attack, Hanzo will become someone to be noticed and feared in any match.

This Hero’s Supreme Ability is also very difficult to ignore. Once you cast your ghostly dragon and see it rushing through its enemies, carrying everything ahead, you will hardly want another combatant.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of Hanzo

Strong points

Hanzo in Overwatch brings to the arena a mix between close and long range combat. It is therefore important to understand well how both techniques work to get the most out of the character.

In addition to being super stylish, visually speaking, the Hero’s Supreme Ability is great for securing some precious solo kills, as well as being a good technique for isolating some opponents (especially the runaways).

The Sonic Arrow technique is a good option for killing enemies, but its utility goes beyond. The ability also collects information for your team. Since its duration effect is six seconds and the cooldown time is 12 seconds, this is a tool that can be enjoyed throughout the game.

Storms Arrows give you good combat flexibility. You do not lose movement speed when using the technique and it is still possible to destroy barriers. Use it to gain an extra tool against flanking enemies.


Despite being a versatile character, being able to switch from melee to long range, one of Hanzo’s problems with Overwatch is his lack of aim. Losing too many arrow hits can negatively impact your team’s total damage. Therefore it is necessary to train a lot with him before (practice in unranked matches, please).

The hero is not very skilled at escape techniques in emergency situations either, and has limited native healing ability. He relies heavily on finding life packs from the map and the almost continuous attention of the group healer.

3. When to choose Hanzo

Hanzo in Overwatch can be a good choice when the opposing team has someone controlling Ana (support) and / or Pharah (offensive). The hero is a cruel predator against slower characters. Ana, including, is one of the worst healers to have played against Hanzo.

Use the fighter to break down barriers placed by tankers, but always be careful to do so while you are close to your party – in case you need support. Being the best friend of your team healer is also a great choice.

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