‘Overwatch’s’ Reaper updated tips and Tricks

OverwatchBlizzard’s multiplayer shooter, lets you choose your own style of gameplay. There are those who like to be supportive and also those who prefer to be a machine to cause damage. Having a specialized DPS character is important in a team, especially for its ability to efficiently eliminate the opponent. Learn how to play with Overwatch Reaper, one of these killers.3 Tricks with Reaper on Overwatch

1. Character Profile

The main way to deal damage to Reaper is by using his shotguns, one in each hand. They deal massive damage at close range, which will force you to approach your target if you want to shoot it faster.

You only have 8 shots (split into both weapons) before reloading and the shotguns deal 40 to 140 damage, depending on your position against the target. All forms this attacker has of attack, whether supreme ability, primary damage, or melee, gain some advantage. Oh, and he heals himself for every 40% damage dealt.

This allows Reaper to stay longer on the battlefield even without the help of a healer. But it’s good not to abuse your luck so much, so it’s always good to keep an eye on where the healing packs are. The best way to play with it is by keeping the element of surprise. Stay in the shadows until you find the right time to attack.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of Reaper

Strong points

As said before, Reaper is possibly lethal at close range. He is one of the few characters in the game who can do massive damage to tankers. The most effective way to play with him is by flanking his opponents, making good use of his ability to hide in the shadows to surprise enemies.

His supreme ability, in which the character unleashes a rain of shotgun fire around him, and is easy to use is a death sentence for nearby and poorly-challenged opponents. He is also good at defending control points, as he can easily escape danger situations if he is cornered.


Overwatch Reaper needs to expose itself a lot to cause its full potential for damage. Your attack power drops dramatically at medium range. Far from the target it is practically useless. Once his position is discovered, his movements are very predictable – even though he can move in the shadows.

The hero is not too big a threat there for nimble opponents, who can easily dodge Reaper and get away. Sniper shots, arrows and bombs are your best chances against him as well. The character can be very dependent on the type of team they are on.

3. When to choose Reaper

Choose Reaper in Overwatch when your team needs a hero that deals massive damage at close range. A good opportunity to get the most out of it is to pit you against teams of tankers like D.Va and Winston, for example.

However, don’t just depend on it for DPS. Remember that your attack power drops greatly with distance. So it’s always good to have some long-range damage hero in the package as well.

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