3 Ana Overwatch Tips and Tricks

Overwatch gives you the opportunity to control heroes with many different combat styles. In this Blizzard multiplayer, you can be more offensive using a tanker or more tactical, for example playing supportive. If the latter is more your type of gameplay, here are some tips with the Ana sniper on Overwatch.

3 tricks with Ana on Overwatch

1. Character Profile

Ana is a supportive character and, like all heroes in this category, it’s always a little tricky to pinpoint her best position. Whether she will act as primary or secondary healer will greatly depend on the makeup of her team.

Usually, Ana can generate most of the healing in the team. However, her main skills (and strengths) are even her Biotic Grenade, Sleep Dart and Nano Boost techniques.

2. Ana’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Strong points

Yes, Ana in Overwatch has a sniper rifle. But remember that you are a healer and not an offensive combatant. As tempting as it is to target enemies and try to shoot them down, this heroine doesn’t have Windowmaker’s “one hit kill” potential, for example. So it is best to focus (most of the time) on what she can do best: distance healing and disrupting the lives of opponents from afar as well.

Nano Boost ability is the main advantage of this fighter. Especially because it takes so little time to reload, which is great if you accidentally waste the skill. It’s worth combining Nano Boost with the supreme ability of other heroes on your team too, for more devastating attacks.

Be sure to make good use of the character’s Sleep Dart. This ability, when properly hit on the target, has the ability to completely nullify an enemy’s supreme ability, opening the opportunity for powerful and unexpected counterattacks (by opponents).


Again, Ana in Overwatch is not a DPS character. She doesn’t do much damage and trying to use her just for this purpose is perhaps the biggest mistake to make playing with her. The heroine does not have the same mobility as Widowmaker, for example, another character who uses a sniper as the main weapon.

She also has no special trick to escape and get out of difficult situations. Yes, Ana has the sleep darts, but it can be a bit difficult to aim with a sniper when in the middle of a gunfight or when ambushed.

The golden rule in this case is: stay far enough away to guard against counterattacks, but close enough to have your allies in the crosshairs and the enemies in the crosshairs.

3. When to choose Ana

Because she has tremendous healing abilities and at the same time can cancel out many of the enemy’s supreme abilities, perhaps the only situation Ana is not a good choice for is if you already have a primary healer such as Mercy or Moira.

As stated at the beginning, it depends a lot on the formation of your team. Let’s say you also have one or two characters from your team playing farther away, flankers – for example. Hence it is worth having Ana as an ally to heal them from a distance, if necessary. Heroin is a very versatile healer and will be a great booster if it is tactically controlled.

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