3 Tips And Tricks For Maining Widowmaker Overwatch

In OverwatchBlizzard’s multiplayer shooter game, you can choose from several characters to make up one of two teams that will compete for area control and try to eliminate the opposing team. If you prefer a more defensive type of gameplay – but decisive and in the best “one bullet, one fall” style – it might be a good learn to play with the Widwatchmaker sniper on Overwatch. See some tips.

3 tricks with Widowmaker in Overwatch

1. Character Profile

Playing Widowmaker in Overwatch is risky but rewarding at the same time (especially if you’re good at targeting). Since she is a sniper, the character is great for shooting single-handed weakened opponents. The good part about playing with her is exactly that, because if you don’t get it right you risk becoming a deadweight on your team.

As the main sniper of the game and therefore always being positioned to see the combat area well (or at least should be), the heroine is almost a “lone wolf”. She adds almost no special skills to the team. Its only function is to shoot at a distance and/or force enemies to seek cover from their shots.

But don’t think she’s a character without much use. Controlled by a skilled player, Widowmaker will always seek the best placement to help her team surround a group of enemies. The tip for playing with her is to practice her aim, but try not to use the ranked matches for that.

2. Widowmaker Advantages and Disadvantages

Strong points

Widowmaker can eliminate, with just one straight shot, 300-life-down opponents. It’s a lot of damage with just one bullet. This, perhaps, is its main advantage. But in addition, it is also important to use the character to pressure the enemy team to fear moving more freely.

This can help your team members surround and eliminate opponents faster, especially if they make silly mistakes when trying to protect themselves from gunfire. Remember that, like Widowmaker, it is important that you also change your position from time to time to avoid being discovered. A sniper when located is no longer a surprise element.


Perhaps the first weakness of the character is her supreme ability. Apparently you can’t do any combo with her, not even kill anyone you want – regardless of the enemy’s life.

Despite her large single-bullet damage capability, she is not able to eliminate single-shot tankers. In addition, the character can suffer powerful counterattacks from opponents such as Winston, D.VA and Genji.

And as said before, controlling the Widowmaker in Overwatch are two opposites: either you’re doing a lot of damage, or you’re not helping anything. If you really want to play with her, practice her aim a lot. One more thing: Don’t use it to secure ground control points or do escort missions. It’s suicide!

3. When to choose Widowmaker

First: when you are sure you are a good shooter. Secondly, heroin is a great choice for maps with large open spaces, or even long corridors.

The strategy with her is always to look for a place far away from the “confusion” to position herself. Running through buildings or, even worse, being on the ground and in the eye of the battle’s hurricane is desperately asking to be shot down.

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