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Overwatch allows players to choose heroes with different skills and profiles: from the sturdiest to the most tactical and supportive. Having a balanced team and mastery over your combatant’s techniques is the key to victory. Do you like the ninja style? So take a look at how to play Genji on Overwatch.

3 tricks with Genji in Overwatch

1. Character Profile

Genji in Overwatch is a cyber ninja and as such is agile to deal damage and a great flanker. It can be quite intimidating on the map, but you need to have very good reflexes for the character to really impact the battle.

Thanks to its high mobility, it can deflect attacks quite easily (of course, it will depend on your reflexes). This dexterity also allows him to climb walls and double-jump whenever he is in the air.

His acrobatic skills combined with lethal (and very sharp) weapons make Genji a master assassin in the right hands, that is, with a skilled player.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of Genji

Strong points

Take a good look around you and study the map. Genji is one of the few characters who can really use the entire combat area to their advantage.

Another important tip when playing with the cyber ninja is to pay attention to the cooldown of your enemies’ supreme abilities. That way you can avoid wasting your Dragonblade, for example. Attacking an opponent during your cooldown is a great advantage to your own supreme ability.

Always make use of your secondary strike before activating your skills. You can do extra damage with this technique. The main combo to do with Genji in Overwatch is: Shuriken (aiming at the enemy’s head whenever possible) and moving to Swift Strike.


One of the biggest mistakes when playing with Genji is to use the Swift Strike skill in vain. It is very important and some players tend to activate it prematurely to approach enemies. The problem is that it makes you vulnerable. Use this technique when you are sure your attack will be a hit kill.

Stay close to your team. Another common mistake for those not used to playing with Genji is to use it as a more hardcore flanker. It’s less risky to stay close to your allies and use your agility to finish opponents. This way you can better protect yourself during your own cooldowns.

3. When to choose Genji

Genji is a very versatile but complex fighter to play with. The character can be a challenge for beginners and it’s good to train hard, especially its accuracy with Shuriken.

The idea with him is always to try to reach, shoot down two or more opponents and get out of the mess. In short: reach out, clear as many as you can, and put your foot in (hoping to regenerate your skills).

His composition of weapons and techniques allows him to be useful in various types of teams, but he has problems with space-controlling enemies. The hero is not best suited for killing high-living opponents, but he always has that support you can play as a victim.

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