3 Pharah Tips and Tricks : Overwatch

Overwatch, Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter, places the player as a member of a team where their goal is to annihilate the rival team and complete missions. There are several heroes available with unique skills and weapons – as well as different attack, defense and support styles. If you like to be more aggressive in battle, take a look at the tips on how to play Pharah in Overwatch.
Pharah in Overwatch

1. Character Profile

Pharah is a character of a very aggressive nature, capable of reaching several targets in a short time. This is thanks to its deadly rocket launcher. The heroine also has the ability to fly over the arena, giving you a great view of the battlefield.

Combining these two special skills, knowing how to play with the combatant poses a constant danger to the enemy team. After all, you become a flying missile launcher, capable of seriously debilitating various opponents, or taking them down all at once, thwarting your opponent’s strategy.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of Pharah

Strong points

In most situations, Farah’s main goal in Overwatch is to put constant pressure on opponents. Flanking with this character is always a good option.

Using the Jump Jet and heroine fly-over is great for a privileged view of the battlefield, as said before. Skills help to divide the enemy group’s attention and disorient your organization. Only try to use this technique when you are near walls and/or roofs. If something goes wrong, you can try to hide faster.

Their rockets can do a lot of damage, but they have medium speed. Therefore, the tip is to aim directly at targets not very fast. Or you can aim at the ground and near where they are going (and hope they don’t change course).

Use to your advantage the fact that the missiles, in addition to direct damage, also counter part of this attack around where it fell. If you can’t hit a faster enemy, aiming at your feet can make them at least a little hit.


It takes practice time to tap into Pharah’s full potential. Lack of knowledge of maps can be a major detrimental factor, as she always needs to know where to hide while flying over an emergency.

Another difficulty with playing this heroine, at least for novice players, is learning the opponents’ movements and trying to predict where they are going. Leaving this aside will greatly restrict the possibility that rockets (which are not so fast) hit a moving target, or a faster enemy.

One more thing, as devastating as Pharah’s Supreme Ability is, it leaves you extremely vulnerable while activated. Again, being well positioned is vital.

3. When to choose Pharah

Choosing Pharah in Overwatch can be interesting when you need some aggressive character to flank. It is a good option, for example, to destroy Symmetra and Torbjorn’s bogs.

It is also good to use it when the opposing team has slower and more “predictable” opponents. Teams with enemies who have difficulty hitting targets in the air, such as Junkrat and Reaper, may be easier prey for this heroine.

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