3 Sombra Tips and Tricks Overwatch

Overwatch is an online team shooting game. Developed by Blizzard, the game puts you in control of a hero with different powers and abilities to join forces with your team and complete objectives on the map and, of course, eliminate your opponents. If you prefer a stealthier approach to combat, here are some tips for getting on well with the Sombra character in Overwatch.

3 Tricks with Sombra on Overwatch

1. Character Profile

Sombra is a damage-focused heroine, but it relies on being stealthy and skilled at slaying its enemies. Speaking of skills, this character has a very specific profile and uses neither brute force nor extreme combat agility.

She makes use of her main advantage, being stealthy, to hide from opponents (especially behind their line of defenses) just to wait for the best time to attack and, again, to hide safely.

Of all heroes of damage, Sombra is perhaps the most dependent on the team, because of its stealth skills. Some teams use the character as a second support, especially to be a surprise element in the team.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of Sombra

Strong points

If invisible, bogs cannot target Sombra, and it can, for example, be healed by Mercy without having its location revealed to the enemy team. Going invisible also helps you travel anywhere on the map much more easily, and makes it a surprise element to corner unsuspecting opponents.

Your “Hack” ability can immediately interrupt the enemy’s active abilities, disabling shields or even healing the opposing team. This is great for breaking the pace of the other team. Another advantage is that Sombra can pass on its allies various enemy status and placement information. Thus, it is possible to focus on the weaker at the moment and eliminate them at once.


As said before, Sombra is very dependent on her team for protection. She is practically useless when isolated, even though she is a damage heroine (but most prefer tactical support).

Your damage is at close range, so it will even be necessary to approach the target to try to defeat it. Use your invisibility to have more chances. Her supreme ability does no harm and she is one of the most difficult characters to masterfully control.

3. When to choose the Sombra

Sombra is not a good option if your team has few heroes that can deal damage or have no healing characters. Even if you’re going to use it as a more tactical support, it’s good to be aligned with at least some of your team’s DPS to cover you. Depending on the enemy, you may notice that it will be difficult to shoot him down alone.

The map you are playing is also important if you are playing with Sombra. The Assalt maps are good for her as they have well-located life packs. Playing with her in locations where her life packs are well spread, and will require her to be alone for a long time to reach them, may not be a good one.

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