3 Pro Lucio Tricks Overwatch

Overwatch allows you to take control of various types of heroes with different abilities, but with one goal: to defeat the opposing team. In this Blizzard shooter, you need to work as a team to win bases, secure deliveries and take down as many enemies as you can. You can use boosting for overwatch as well but you need to be careful about that. If you prefer to act as support then take a look at how to play with Lucio on Overwatch.

3 tricks with Lucio in Overwatch

1. Character Profile

Lucio is an extremely responsive support character who specializes in positioning his team well against opponents. In addition, the hero may be a good choice for chasing runaway enemies or helping to get your team out of harm’s way.

This fighter is relatively easy to start playing (learning the basic skills), but it takes some training time to get the best out of him and create combos at the right time. You can play Lucio in Overwatch in a more aggressive or bodyguard style.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of Lucio

Strong points

As a support hero, Lucio’s main goal is to keep his team ahead in battle and, of course, alive. To do so, he uses his incredible speed coupled with his supersonic weapon to emit health sound waves and boosts to allies.

Its healing ability may not be that impressive, but it can change the weapon’s musical note and significantly boost the running speed of a nearby friend.

Having Lucio on the team can be very interesting, especially to give that initial gas in the match. On maps where you need to occupy a control point, your techniques can make a difference.


As said before, although Lucio has the ability to heal, this ability is slow and is best left to some subject matter expert such as Mercy (if she’s on the same team) – for example. The firing of your weapon is difficult to aim and will require some practice time.

This character’s supreme ability takes the longest to load of all combatants. Its attacking power is not very useful when used against opponents with high defensive capabilities. In short: don’t count on it to do much damage. He is a supportive character in essence.

3. When to choose Lucio

Lucio is a very versatile hero and can be integrated into various team formations without any problems. His way of acting, however, needs to adapt to the type of team he is in (to get the most out of opportunities).

The character is especially useful in teams that have little mobility to engage in combat. It is also good for preventing these slower fighters from being flanked, or for taking advantage of kills using the environment (as in the Nepal Sanctum map).

Since he is not the best healer to choose from, it is not good to play with him when there is no other healer on the team.

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