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OverwatchBlizzard’s multiplayer shooter, places the player on a team of fighters who must defeat the opposing team to complete their own goals in each arena and, of course, eliminate all other fighters. There are several characters available and each brings their own abilities to the team. Like to play supportive? So here’s how to do well with healer Mercy in Overwatch.

3 Tricks with Mercy on Overwatch

1. Character Profile

Mercy is a healer and also the main character with this role in the game. In support, her high mobility and high healing power make her almost an indispensable member of any team. Especially for teams focused on heavy damage.

She, controlled by someone skilled, can easily replace any other support character on the team. Speaking of maps, the character is well balanced and there is no arena where she has any special advantage or disadvantage.

2. Mercy Advantages and Disadvantages

Strong points

As a support character, her biggest advantage is her incredible and effective healing ability. Because she is very agile, Mercy is able to reach and heal teammates who are both near and far from heroin. And all this avoiding being hit by opponents.

Being well positioned on the map (and always close to your team) is the key to taking advantage of your skills. Always see where your allies are, but avoid being easily seen by opponents. It’s almost paranoid, but watch your surroundings closely to avoid surprises.

It will not always cure all at the same time. Prioritize to keep alive who on the team does the most damage or who is in the lowest health. Always watching your team is crucial in this regard. Mercy’s agility is his ally in this matter again.


Mercy’s main weakness is being very dependent on the team’s own protection. She is extremely vulnerable if left alone, especially if flanked or targeted by Reaper or Widowmaker, for example. The rule is always the same: protect the healer!

3. When to choose Mercy

Mercy is a very versatile fighter and fits well with any team (who doesn’t need a healer?), But she is a particularly good choice for teams focused more on tank-type characters that deal massive damage. Because they are slower, Mercy can reach them faster and heal them.

As stated at the outset, she is the best choice to be a solo healer, thanks to her high mobility and high healing power. Ana and Moira are also capable of being solo healers on a team, but Ana is not as agile and has a harder time healing – for example.

Moira’s healing ability, on the other hand, depends on resources that may run out of steam at the most important moments. Therefore, when wondering which healer to choose (if there is only room for one more player) is a good idea for Mercy – as long as the entire team is aligned to protect her.

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