Overwatch Tracer Best Tips, tricks, and strategies

Overwatch is a Blizzard first person shooter game. Multiplayer divides players into two teams to achieve goals and control the map, eliminating the opposing team. There are several ways to customize your playing style, depending on the hero you choose. In this list, here are some naughty tips for playing with the Overwatch Tracer tactic.

3 Tricks with Tracer in Overwatch

1. Character Profile

Tracer is the propaganda character of Overwatch. Also, getting the most out of your skills may require some practice playing. The ever-cheerful heroine is a flanker, meaning Tracer must look for openings in his enemy’s defenses for a better chance of finishing them.

Poorly displaced or displaced opponents from their own group can be perfect targets for a fast combat surprise attack. Playing with her will be a good tactical patience exercise.

Your skills allow you to do a great deal of damage, but you need to weigh the risk vs. reward of each approach until you find the right time to attack. The rule is always to be safe until an opportunity appears. Think of it as a sort of “finisher” or element of surprise, just waiting for the right time to send someone beyond.

2. Tracer Advantages and Disadvantages

Strong points

As said before, Tracer is a flanker. He will look for holes in defending inattentive enemies. The combatant is also an excellent addition to distract the opposing team.

Use your speed to stoke one or two players, even if you don’t intend to kill them right away and you’ll just escape. That may be enough to take the focus off your opponent from some other teammate who will really do a lot of damage.

Using this technique near the other team’s spawn area can give your team some advantage as enemies will have one or two fewer members for a while.


Tracer has low HP, which means that using it on the front line can be very risky, unless there are tankers on your team to block enemy heavy attacks.

Having poor health also makes Tracer an easier target. It is therefore important to map well where healing items are and also to have the help of your team members, whether they are tankers or healers. To fall headfirst into the “hurricane eye” of unprotected battle can mean certain death.

3. When to choose Tracer

Because of its extreme speed, the combatant is a great mission choice to capture positions on the map. You can use your skills to race in front of opponents to start counting for your team first.

It’s also a good tactical choice against sturdier foes, if you’ve already learned how to do well by matching your skills. For example, use Blink near an enemy, throw a Pulse Bomb, and then use Recall. This combo is an option and very effective when it’s right.

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