How to connect Spotify to

If you are addicted to music, probably you know the The platform allows integration with streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple Music. Learn how to connect Spotify to works as a virtual community focused on musical interests. You can exchange information and directions with fans of your favorite band, for example, and see your musical compatibility with other users.

connect Spotify to

How to connect Spotify to

Before anything, you need to register in both services. With the accounts logged in, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the website;
  2. Go to “Help”> “Track my music” at the bottom of the page, or go directly to the tracking link ;
  3. Select “Spotify” and click “Connect”;
  4. Spotify will open a pop-up window asking if you accept integration between platforms. Read and, if you agree, click on “I accept”;
  5. Ready!

If you allow access, will be able to see your Spotify account data – name, username, profile picture and number of followers – as well as streaming activity, such as what you heard recently.

You can also revoke access at any time. If you don’t want the integration anymore, go to the Spotify Apps page and click “Remove Access”.

How does Scrobbler work?

When connecting the Scrobbler, the platform starts to compute everything heard by your Spotify account, regardless of the device that is playing the music or podcast – mobile, tablet or computer.

You can log into your profile and see your most played songs, albums and artists in the past week, month or year. The site also shows curious information in the user’s profile, such as how many times he heard a track, and the musical compatibility between different profiles. is a good tool for those who want to get a better sense of their musical habits, almost as a way to “catalog” what they are listening to, and with more precision than streaming apps.

With information from: Spotify

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