9 Chrome Extensions for WhatsApp: Make WhatsApp Super App

The WhatsApp Web is very useful for those who need to be connected to the messenger all the time, but may have more advantages when combined with certain extensions in the browser. Follow the list below for some suggested extensions for WhatsApp Web in Google Chrome.

WhatsApp plugins with extra features in Chrome

WhatsApp Extensions for Google Chrome

WA Web Plus for WhatsApp

The WA Web Plus adds different features to the Web WhatsApp, some focused on the privacy of users and others to customize the messenger. Part of the present options:

  • Hide the “Typing…” when you are texting someone;
  • View messages deleted by the other person (as long as the WhatsApp Web tab is open when the person sends the message);
  • Blur/hide recent messages, names and photos from contacts
  • Hide when you’re online (Stealth Mode)
  • Start a conversation with a number other than your contact;
  • Speed ​​up the audio speed;
  • Post to WhatsApp story.

It is worth mentioning that WA Web Plus has some paid options, so not everything that the plugin offers will be released in the free version. It can also be installed on Firefox, but the version has fewer tools than Chrome.

Direct Message for WhatsApp

With Direct Message for WhatsApp, you can send messages to people on WhatsApp Web without having their number added. Without the extension, you need to add the contact to your phone’s phonebook to start a conversation.

Privacy Extension For WhatsApp Web

Don’t want people nearby to see what’s on your WhatsApp screen? The Privacy Extension For WhatsApp Web plugin solves this. You choose whatever you want to be blurred – all chat messages, preview of messages and media received, photos of contacts. The content will be revealed only when you hover your cursor over it.

It also works on Firefox.


With WAToolkit installed, you receive notifications even if WhatsApp Web is not open or running on any computer tab. The plugin always connects to the cell phone, so the notification of the new message appears immediately on the desktop.

The extension also adds an icon to the Google Chrome toolbar. That way, just click on it to view unread messages, without having to open a tab with WhatsApp Web.

WhatStation – CRM on WhatsApp

Ideal for anyone working with CRM, WhatStation allows you to use the main RD Station CRM tools through WhatsApp Web. Some of them:

  • Create and update contact, company, opportunity and customer data;
  • Change a funnel stage opportunity;
  • Create a task for the opportunity;
  • Use ready-made templates for messages.

Zapp: WhatsApp Audio Speed ​​and Volume

No patience or time to listen to audio messages? The Zapp: WhatsApp Audio Speed and Volume speeds the audio up to 2x. You choose the speed and you can also increase the volume.

WhatsApp Multi Messenger

The WhatsApp Multi Messenger plugin adds an icon to the Chrome toolbar. With this, the user has easy access to messages without having to check the phone or look at the WhatsApp Web tab in the browser.

Just click on the WhatsApp button on the bar to read the conversations. It also works with other apps, like Instagram, Messenger, Telegram and Slack.

Notifier for WhatsApp Web

Like WAToolkit, Notifier for WhatsApp Web always notifies you of new messages, even if the WhatsApp Web tab is not open on the desktop. If you have a problem with the Toolkit, this may be a good alternative.

WhatsApp Content Block

The WhatsApp Content Block adds a preview button in all media sent and received by the WhatsApp Web. Thus, if you have some sensitive content in the conversation, just click “Hide” to hide. If you want to view the image, click on “Show”.

There are several plugin options to customize WhatsApp. Just choose your favorites

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