Free Fire Weapons Guide : Updated 2020

In addition to all the fun of a Battle Royale, Free Fire has a large number of weapons and very specific functions. With all types of weaponry, including shotguns, our weapon guide can help you build your own strategies.

Garena Free Fire

Weapons are divided into categories:

  • pistols;
  • sniper rifles;
  • assault rifles;
  • submachine guns;
  • shotguns;
  • hand-to-hand combat.

All weapons can be collected within the battlefield. However, some are rarer and all have a better use in every game situation.

How to improve weapons

In addition to weapons, Free Fire has equipment that can be placed in weaponry, improving attributes.

Are they:

  • Silencer – reduces noise, making it difficult to know the sniper’s location (including on the mini map);
  • Stock – reduces the diffusion of bullets and controls the spray;
  • Cartridge extender – increases ammunition capacity and loading speed;
  • Aim – there are 2x, 4x and 8x and improve vision for a long shot;
  • Mouth or barrel of the weapon – increases the damage caused by each shot even from long distances.


If ammo runs out, second weapon is the solution. Jokes aside, pistols have a positive effect on close combat. They are usually drawn when the main weapon’s ammo runs out during combat in which there is no time to reload.

USPAmmunitionrange and cadence45Beginning of the game
G18Ammunitionreach45Beginning of the gamelast resource
DESERT EAGLEDamage and rangeAmmo / Precision90Secondary weaponlast resource
M500ReachAmmunition67Long pistol shots

Sniper Rifles

They are the weapons with the greatest damage and range. In other words, sniper rifles. Very useful to eliminate the opponent without seeing where the shot came from. It is always a good idea to keep your distance from enemies so as not to give you a chance to fight back. The goal is to survive.

CG15Damage and ammoScope and precision90Contra Squad Only
SKSAccuracy and AmmoCadence82Until I find another
AWMDamage, range and accuracyCadence and ammo90Any ranged combat
VSSAccuracy and AmmoCadence and Damage50Last resort to ranged combat
Kar98Damage and AccuracyCadence and Ammo90Any ranged combat
DragunovDamage, accuracy and ammoReach89Any ranged combat

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are the most balanced weapons in the game, mixing high damage and agility for medium and short distance combat. Without one of these, it will be difficult to reach the end. They eliminate players with speed. They are part of the strategy of all players, from the beginners to the most experienced.

M4A1Scope and precisionDamage53Beginning players
M14Damage, range and accuracyAmmunition71Shot by Shot
SCARCadenceDamage, range and accuracy53Better in medium and short distance
AKDamage and rangePrecision61Average distances
FAMASAccuracy and cadenceDamage53Better in medium and short distance
XM8Accuracy and damageReach55Better in short and medium distance
GrozaDamage, range and accuracyAvailable only in Drop61Best Rifle of the Game
AN94DamageScope and precision59Better in short distance

Submachine guns

With rain of bullets on the enemies, submachine guns have a high rate of fire. It is best to be close to avoid wasting ammo and making noise unnecessarily. While looking for an assault rifle, they can “break a branch”.

MP5Accuracy and cadenceReach48Short distance
A PReachPrecision48Short distance
MP40CadenceRange, accuracy and ammo48The hardest to play
P90Accuracy, cadence and ammoReach48Short distance with many enemies
ThompsonDamage, range, accuracy, cadence and ammox50Best Sub of the Game

Shotguns in Free Fire

Detonating everything in the invasion, shotguns are ideal to enter indoors distributing damage to everyone. Get it right because the bullets are going to run out. There are always players with Kamikaze spirit, if you are hiding in the house, they will scare you with these little “cannons”.

M1887Damage and RangeCadence and Ammo170The most lethal if you kill with just 2 shots
M1014Cadence and ammoRange and damage94Invade a house full of enemies
M1873CadenceRange and ammo94The point blank with enemy on his back
SPASDamage, range, cadence and ammox97The most efficient in the game

Hand-to-hand combat

Better than “getting out of hand”, these weapons are deadly up close. If the enemy is distracted it is easier to finish. From the front, you’ll have to turn into the Neo de Matrix to dodge the bullets. Always look to the sides, killing enemies with melee weapons at the end of the game is part of the “zueira”.

KatanaDamage and rangeCadence66Start of game or to catch the distracted
Frying panCadenceDamage and range62Game start and extra protection
ParangDamageRange and cadence66Start of game or to catch the distracted
Baseball batRange and cadenceDamage63Start of game or to catch the distracted


GrenadeHigh damage indoorsIf it gets close it takes damage tooAble to eliminate enemy with full healthPlay in a hideout before entering
Land MineHigh damageDelay to detonateToo much damageDefend hiding doors
FlashbangBlinds enemiesYou can go blind too0To eliminate enemies without reaction or escape
Ice GrenadeInstant coverage protectionx0If you are in the open, create a cover to protect yourself

More information: Free Fire support