Do you know how much memory is your Apple Watch has? The question is legitimate to know what and how much can be stored on Apple’s smartwatch. As you know, on the device you can install apps and archive other content, so it is easy to consume the internal storage space. The Apple Watch up to version 3 is equipped with 8 GB of flash memory (Apple Watch 4 increases the basic internal memory, which switches to 16GB)  but really you can only use 2GB for music files and 75MB as a photo archive. Between the operating system, applications, cache and more, free storage space tends to decrease over time, also leading to general slowdowns in the operating system. Therefore, it is important to always keep an eye on the amount of free memory available. There are several ways to do this. As with other Apple devices, Apple Watch also allows you to control the available space and the space occupied by each single app installed. If you do not know how to do it, here’s how to check your Apple Watch memory and check for available space.

How to check Apple Watch memory

With this simple tutorial we will explain how to control the free space on Apple Watch and how much space the individual applications installed occupy, to check how much content you can still archive. There are two main methods for verifying the memory. You can check how much space we have on our Watch directly from the Apple watch, or via the paired iPhone.

Check the Apple Watch space via a paired iPhone

Let’s find out how to check the free space of the Apple smartwatch using the paired iPhone.

1) Open the Watch app on the paired iPhone.

2) Tap the first tab at the bottom called “Apple Watch“.

3)  Let’s go to General → Information.

We will find the item “Capacity” that shows the total memory of the device available for use, thus excluding the GB occupied by the operating system. Instead, the amount of free storage space is displayed next to the “available” item.

Check the space through Apple Watch

1) Press the Digital Crown button to open the Home screen, then press SettingsYou can also access the settings by holding down the Digital Crown to invoke Siri and then say it aloud “Open Settings“.

2)  Go to General in the Settings.

3)  Press on Info.

In this screen you can check the capacity and available space, as well as view the number of songs, photos and applications on the watch, the serial number, the device name and many other general information.

Check the memory used by the app on Apple Watch

To get a more detailed picture of the Apple Watch memory used, you can also check how much the individual installed applications occupy. To do this, follow these steps:

1) Open the Watch app installed on the paired iPhone.

2)  Open the first tab at the bottom called “Apple Watch“.

3)  Let’s go on General.

4) Then press on Info at the bottom of the screen.

It may take a few minutes to allow the operating system to gather useful information about the applications that are installed on the matched Apple Watch. Attention, however, unlike iOS devices, Apple Watch can not delete applications through this section.


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