How to get UC on PUBG Mobile for Free

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You can earn UC for free on PUBG Mobile. The game does not give the virtual currency premium to the player, but using some methods, it is possible to earn credits that can be converted into UCs (which is the “money” of PUBG Mobile).

How to get UC on PUBG Mobile for Free

How to earn UC for free on PUBG Mobile

You can use some methods to get credits, and convert them into UCs.

1. Use Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards ( iPhoneAndroid ) is an app that pays you to respond to searches. It is based on your behavior, browsing habits, places you go to, and so on. (but not limited to), to send opinion questions. Each answer goes into a few cents or real, which will be credited to your Google Wallet (Android), or to your PayPal account (US Apple IDs only).

With the money from the answers, you can purchase UCs at PUBG Mobile without spending your own money. Google Opinion Rewards is free.

2. Use the Whaff

Whaff ( iPhoneAndroid ) is an option to Google Opinion Rewards, which works much better for anyone who uses an iPhone. It is a recommendation application from other apps, which from time to time asks you to install and test a game or random software for a minimum of time. In return, it pays credits that are added to your Google Wallet, or the App Store. The Whaff app is free.

3. Participate in events

The Tencent developer often runs events in conjunction with app stores, in particular with the Google Play Store, and on rare occasions offers UCs ​​for free to players. So you have to keep an eye on when a new event will take effect, to participate in it and get credits, which can be converted into the virtual currency. Among the latest, the Google Play Store gave $8 for free, specifically to be spent on PUBG Mobile or the Garena Free Fire game.

4. Buy Royale Pass Elite and increase your ranking

The only way to earn the virtual currency by playing PUBG Mobile is by purchasing the Royale Pass Elite, which works the same way as the Fortnite Battle Pass: at each level gained, you receive skins, weapons, dance emotes, and of course, UCs. At level 100, you will have accumulated a total of 600 UCs, but for this you will have to open the wallet.

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