5 Best GIF Editors Online for Editing GIF

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Today we’ll show you the top 5 sites with GIF online editors that you can use to edit your GIF files. Thanks to these tools you can cut, resize, crop and optimize this very special image format. In addition, you can also edit animated GIFs and then download them to your PC. Consider that on these portals you will find practically all the main functions belonging to the editing software: on the other hand, you will not have to download or install anything, so you will only get advantages from this choice. As if this were not enough, the aforementioned portals all have a particularly usable interface.


There is no doubt that EZGIF is one of the best sites with GIF editor online to edit GIF files: indeed, it is probably the most interesting platform. This is because it has an avalanche of very professional options and tools, which generally belong to programs specialized in photo editing. In addition, here are also the best tools to edit the animated GIF, to compress them, to optimize the size, to add text and to crop them. The nice thing is that all this is very easy to do, given the intuitiveness of these functions, suitable for anyone. Unfortunately, however, you have a limit of 30 MB for GIFs in terms of the size allowed.

Online Image Editor

The second option on our list is Online Image Editor: a very good, free and even very versatile platform, as it allows you to edit all the most popular image formats. As for GIFs, this online editor proves to be very effective and full of tools that will surely leave you more than satisfied. Among the various functions that you can use, find those to cut, to change color, to add text, to overlay another image and so on. You can even add little extras like stars, change transparency, flip your GIF or apply effects like rain.


Even Gifntext enters the right in the ranking of the best sites to edit GIF files. With this tool, in fact, you can do several editing operations: all very simple, however, since Gifntext has only the most basic functions. On the other hand, you still have the possibility to modify an animated GIF, and this is very important. As always, here too you can perform the operations already seen previously: including cropping, adding text, resizing, overturning the GIF and other goodies like its acceleration or slow motion. Finally, know that every single change will be shown in real time in the preview.

GIF Magic

GIF Magic is a site very similar to the previous ones, including its interface, really similar to the others. Also here you will find several menus that include most of the most popular features and options, to edit a GIF. We do not list specifically the above, because in fact they are identical to other sites with GIF editor online to edit GIF files. However, its simplicity of use must be underlined.

The last of the sites for editing the GIFs online in our list is LunaPic: it’s free, just like any other, and even with this tool you can modify many aspects of your GIF file, but also other formats like JPG, PNG and TIFF. Its strong point is undoubtedly the presence of a plethora of editing and editing options: some are very advanced, and may require some practice. For the rest, it must be said that LunaPic is so advanced as to seem a real editing software, rather than a simple online tool.


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