Google Chrome: How to change the download folder?

Every day you download dozens of files from the internet between music, PDF, video and much more but now you need to change the Chrome Download folder because you want to fix your files in another way. Basically, the browser saves everything in the Download folder of the operating system but not always (and in particular the demanding user) wants to mix the navigation downloads with those of other programs. So let’s see how to change the Chrome download directory!

Google Chrome is among the most used freeware browsers in the world because among the fastest and safest, and probably if you’re reading this article you’re already a regular user and you just want to know how to change the Chrome Download folder to store the files you download from internet to another directory.

You do not need to be an expert user, but I will do everything possible to explain to you step by step how to do it in a few moments.

How to change the Chrome Download folder?

After starting the browser:

  • click with the left mouse button on the icon at the top right that shows three vertical dots or three horizontal lines
  • then click on Settings
  • alternatively, type chrome://settings/ in the address bar and press Enter
  • Scroll down the settings page to the bottom and click on Show advanced settings
  • reach the Download section
  • click on the Edit button and set the new desired directory to save the files downloaded with Chrome while surfing the internet

In this way, you have changed the default browser download folder and everything you download with Chrome, it will be saved in the new destination you entered. The procedure just mentioned is valid for Mac and Windows operating system.

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