Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery correct answers to friends’ questions

The developers and publishers Jam City, Inc. have finally released their new game called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, is an action and adventure game where players sign up as students at Hogwarts, learn the art of Magic and reveal also new mysteries hidden behind Hogwarts.

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, players will find new characters and some of them will become your friends and part of your adventure. These friends will sometimes ask important questions and if you give a correct answer you will be rewarded.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery correct answers to friends’ questions

Throughout the gameplay, you will find new characters and new friends and there will be times when you will interact with them and new questions will emerge and you will have to give the best answers.

When you find this social interaction in the game you will notice a symbol of a hand suspended above the head of your friends and if you interact with them you will get three options each giving different points.If you get a red X it means that the answer is wrong.

If you get the orange check mark the answer is ok.

Finally, if you get the green check mark it means that the answer is perfect.

Depending on the choice you make, you will get a small or large increase in points for your character.

Discuss your vision with Rowan

Question  – Have you had visions before? Answer : I’ve already heard things

Question –  Visions can be a dangerous answer   That’s why I need your help

Question –  How can I  respond?  With knowledge and friendship

Question –  Do you think it was a warning answer Or a clue, maybe both

Encourage your friend Ben Cooper

Question:  There is so much to be afraid of  answering:  Sometimes everyone is afraid

Question:  Our friends are not afraid  Answer:  We will keep us safe

Question:  Because I entered the class * name *  Answer:  You are braver than you know

Question: I belong to the Muggle world  Answer: You  belong to Hogwarts, Ben

Ask Rowan to help you investigate

Question:  What happens if we are caught? Answer –  It will not happen. We will be prepared

Question –  What about Snape? Answer: You will work out a brilliant plan

Question: What about the Vault Curses? Answer: We will break the curse

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