How to win the duels Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

The developers and publishers Jam City, Inc. have finally released their new game called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. It’s an action and adventure game where players sign up as students at Hogwarts, learn the art of Magic and also reveal new mysteries hidden behind Hogwarts.

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, players will find many different characters and some of them will become your friends while your other enemies and with some, you can even duel with your magic wands, even if sometimes they can become complicated to tinker. Below you will find a guide on how to win the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery duels.

Guide on how to win the duels Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

The new Harry Potter game has a feature where you can duel with other characters in the game. It’s a kind of mini-game not very difficult, but before starting you need to know some basic mechanisms so you can easily win the duel.

You can not duel with the characters you want, to identify a character ready to duel you have to look for a symbol that looks like two crossed sticks next to a character. When you interact with him you can start the duel.

The mini-game of the duels is divided into two parts, the first part consists of selecting a position to beat your opponent and the second part requires the action to perform the spell. Winning the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery duels is also a matter of luck.

You can reduce the luck factor by carefully observing what your opponent does and anticipate the spell.

Selection of positions

First, let’s take a look at the Selection of Stances – in the position phase, you have to choose one of the three positions that are Sneaky, Aggressive and Defensive. you will have to predict what your opponent will choose and neutralize.

  • Sneaky beats Defensive
  • Defensive beats Aggressive
  • Aggressive beats Sneaky

If both players have chosen the same position, then it will be a draw and the player with the lowest resistance will get a resistance point.

Selection of the action

After the attack phase, you will arrive at the Action phase

  • If you’ve chosen the sneaky position, you can cast a vial and cast spells to disarm it.
  • If you’ve chosen an aggressive position, you can distract an opponent and cast offensive spells like Fire, Flipendo.
  • If you have chosen the defensive position, you can cast a defensive spell, cast a vial or drink a healing potion.

That’s all. We have just finished talking about how to win the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery duels. Good fun!

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