How to find free energy Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

After a few days of release, players are already looking for a guide on how to find energy for free Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. For those who are just starting their Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery experience and do not know it, the energy in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is not hard to find.

Energy is essentially a kind of currency and in this game it works in a slightly different way. You do not have to spend a certain amount of energy to perform a mission, you do not actually need the energy to start a mission or part of the story.

Instead, energy must be used to complete the objectives of the mission. This is why we have created a guide on how to find energy for free Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery!

Where to find free energy Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Because you are constantly using more and more energy during a mission or a lesson, you need a guide to find energy for free Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. During the game, you will find people or objects to observe and touch and once done you will receive different amounts of energy.

Although you can choose energy as a reward once you complete the missions (although we disagree), the best way to get back Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Energy is to have a little patience.

As with other games, the energy is filled with one point every three or four minutes. Fortunately, you can leave the game in the middle of a goal and wait for the energy bar to fill up and keep your progress in the game.

Another way to recover energy is to draw from any small servant like Dobby whom you see wandering through Hogwarts. There is one, in particular, that you can find a couple of times a day wandering around in the Dungeons to the left of the potion class. Touching it you will recover three points of energy.

How to find free energy Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

There are points in the game where we have discovered energy points:

  1. East Towers:  Picture of a woman in a white dress next to the Charms class
  2. On the lower floors, touch the flashlight off next to the entrance to the large hall and the one in the middle
  3. West Towers:  Naturalistic framework next to the prefect’s bathroom
  4. Lower ground floor:  The stone base to the right of the Great Hall
  5. Lower Floor West:  The statue of the stone horseman halfway to the right of the Great Hall
  6. Dungeons:  The house elf to the right of the kitchens
  7. Castle Grounds:  The stick in the foreground in front of Whomping Willow
  8. In the castle gardens interact with the stick on the ground to get energy.

Good luck!

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