Harry Potter Wizards Unite: all the tricks and tips to get free gold coins, recover spell energy and level up quickly.
Harry Potter Wizards Unite Tricks: Get free gold coins, Spell energy and leveling up

Harry Potter Wizards Unite has come out: the new game for iOS and Android smartphones developed by Niantic has recently become available, but the useful tricks and methods for becoming strong in a short time have not long to wait. Increasing levels quickly, having free gold coins or recharging your magic energy (very useful for spells) are just some of the features and abilities most requested by players.

The creators of Pokémon GO have created a real magical world to live through augmented reality and GPS with Harry Potter Wizards. Here is a quick guide and some tricks to follow to improve your potential in the game and become the most powerful wizards ever.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Tricks: free gold coins

The gold coins represent the virtual currency present inside the Harry Potter Wizards Unite. As with many other mobile titles, the Niantic game involves microtransactions to buy the precious coins through real money, but it is still possible to get them for free without spending a penny.

Accessing and playing every day allows users to receive different bonuses: experience points, magic energy, objects and gold coins. As on Pokémon GO the bonuses derived from daily access are increased: always remember to log in at any time of the day, the operation is simple and allows you to earn bonuses in a short time without having to necessarily play.

Leveling up is a direct consequence of the game, which will allow you to become increasingly skilled and powerful through the accumulation of experience. Each level increase involves various rewards, including free gold coins: ten for each level up.


Completing the objectives will allow you to earn coins next to the tasks of the day, easy-to-complete mini-missions that can increase your virtual wallet even more. Even SDS tasks are an excellent opportunity to accumulate coins, 3 missions to complete to get five gold coins (and it is possible to complete more tasks a day, exponentially increasing their wealth).

Harry Potter Wizards Unite tricks: level up quickly

We have seen how increasing the level is extremely important for accumulating free coins, but not only: becoming expert wizards or witches requires this last feature to unlock upgrades and abilities.

Gaining experience points and leveling up quickly is therefore, to say the least, fundamental. To do this you can always rely on the completion of SDS assignments and daily missions: by completing them you will receive extra points for experience points.

Spell-fighting duels are very important. There is no Harry Potter without magic, and accurately casting spells offers an excellent opportunity to quickly accumulate so many experience points. Accuracy is important, together with speed: for each evaluation, different points will be obtained ( 20 XP per Good50 XP per Excellent and 100 XP per Master ).


Like the Fortunuovo on Pokémon Go, Wizards Unite also has a useful tool for doubling the XP points received. Using the elixir of Baruffo’s mind allows you to get double PEs by crossing Passports and when defeating Soqquadro or completing Fort maps. The effects of the special potion last 30 minutes: use it only when you have time to devote to the game to avoid nullifying its effects.

Wizard Unite Tricks: get and recharge spell energy

Using many spells or hurling a powerful one consumes the amount of spell energy you have. Recovering and accumulating enough will allow you to face all the challenges of the game. You can get more magical energy over the course of the game by buying with gold coins.

In addition to completing the daily missions, which as you will understand are at the center of the game, it is also possible to accumulate them by visiting the various Inns scattered within the map (a sort of Pokestop inherited from Pokémon Go). As in the world of Harry Potter, it is possible to consume magic food that will be transformed into magical energy depending on the variety chosen. Jump even inside the greenhouses, where it is possible in some cases to receive some extra energy.


If you have accumulated enough gold coins in the course of your adventure and are out of energy, you can recover it through the direct purchase in the virtual store in the game.


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