By changing the right settings, you can preserve the privacy of your video game activity on Steam. With different levels of confidentiality.

Guide : hide recent game activity on Steam WORKING 2019

Steam’s public account is the calling card of our gaming activity on Valve’s ubiquitous digital distribution platform. Once made publicly accessible, the aforementioned account will include a report of the games we have been dedicated to recently, complete with time calculations (in hours) and achievements achieved.

If we want more privacy, for example by maintaining the public account but making the gaming activity in question private, we can change the privacy settings provided by Steam’s internal controls.

Once you open the Steam client software (on Windows), you will need to view the profile by clicking on the appropriate item at the top of the interface and then choosing Profile.

From the profile page we will then have to click on the button Edit Profileon the right, then choose My privacy settings. From here, finally, we will be able to set the Visibility of my game information choosing between Public, only Friends or completely Private. If we want, we can keep public information on the games but hide the hours dedicated to them by checking the Keep my game time private box, even if my game information is visible.

The changes made on the Steam client will take effect immediately, and obviously will also reverberate on the level of confidentiality of our Steam profile page, which can be consulted via browser.


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