How does Dauntless’s crossplay mode work?

Dauntless, a hunting-focused free-to-play game features a well-integrated, organic crossplay mode that brings together PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows players in every game. The Epic Games account syncs and keeps track of progress, even allowing you to play across platforms.

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How does Dauntless’s crossplay mode work?

Dauntless is a free RPG-style microtransaction game to play, very similar to the Monster Hunter franchise titles. You control an adventurer and team up with other players to hunt and beat various monsters and forge weapons and equipment.

Since launch, Dauntless has a solid, organic crossplay system that not only lets you play with others on different platforms (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows), but also supports cross-progression: a single user account can be connected to any console, with progress and levels maintained. The same goes for the Hunting Pass, the equivalent of the Season Pass.

So you can play in the living room on a desktop console, switch to your office PC or play on the go with the Nintendo Switch, without having to manage an account for each system. This is possible thanks to the mandatory use of an Epic Games account (Dauntless’s distributor), similar to how it already happens with Fortnite.

Playing crossplay in Dauntless is standard, all matches will feature players from various systems. The player must link the game account to the Epic Games account to access it, no matter what system you play.

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To play Dauntless, first go to and create an account; If you already have one (for example, already playing Fortnite or games purchased from the Epic Games Store), skip this part.

1. On PC (Windows)

  1. Go to, download and install the Epic Games launcher;
  2. Open the launcher and sign in with your Epic Games account;
  3. Download and install Dauntless (;
  4. Open the game, select “I’m a new player” and follow the instructions.

And ready.

2. On PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch

  1. On your computer or mobile phone, go to and create an Epic Games account;
  2. Download and install Dauntless on your PS4 ( ), Xbox One ( ) or Nintendo Switch (;
  3. Open the game and select “Activate account”;
  4. If you already have an Epic Games account enabled on your console, the process will be automatic.
    Otherwise, follow the instructions and enter the account details;
  5. Select “I am a new player” and follow the instructions.

And ready.

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