How Technology Can Intrude into Our Life

Have you realized that time is changing at a swift speed? Technology has improved as compared to the past years. Now, technology controls almost everything from television sets, motor vehicles, and smartwatches as was noted by physics homework investigators and scientists. We can now stream movies and shows through the applications on the television.

Through the computers in the vehicles, you can get warnings. Such as from incoming danger such as approaching vehicles in other lanes.

Through the smartwatches, we can know our health status using the monitors in the watches. They can also calculate the footsteps a person takes.

In a month there will be a show for new developments in technology. It will occur at The Global Stage for Innovations. The 5G, which is a Next-Gen cellular tech, will be among the main subject of discussion.

We will also be seeing the transformation of smart houses. Most household appliances will be internet enabled. So, they will be performing their duties without human control. The idea is to link all the appliances together using the internet. It means that the home appliances will be working together.

The use of sensors, microphones, and cameras will increase.

The changes below are what to expect as the year progresses:

Smart Housing

Google, Amazon, and Apple are the top companies that have been working to take over homes.

The introduction of assistants like Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant has helped. People can control many appliances by voice. Setting up a full smart housing is often complicated. People opt to use the assistants for basic works. Such as playing music or setting timers on compatible devices.

The companies have come together to make all the products compatible with each other. It will help a lot so that one does not have to shop for specific products. They have a variety to choose from as long as they are compatible with the Virtual assistants.

The companies intend to reduce human control. Such that when one enters the house, the door will communicate to the lighting system. The lights then turn on. Only until then, we will have absolute smart houses.

The Surge of the 5G

5G will solve the Problems of longer download hours. What does this mean? Data will then transfer at swift speeds.

Some states in the United States of America carried out a test deployment of the network. So, some smartphone gadgets work with the 5G.

As time goes by, there will be a rollout of the 5G to wider areas. The network will improve communication speeds between all the 5G enabled devices.

Wearables Market

Competition has risen in the computer wearable markets. It calls for more innovation and creativity to stand out. Apple company has great dominance in the market. In the recent past, it has come up with more products such as Watches, earbuds, and Airpods. Siri controls all these products. Companies such as Samsung have followed the same route.


There has been a massive improvement in the line of streaming. Here, the likes of Netflix, which has dominated the industry, have taken the front lead. There has been a rise in other streaming companies such as HBO, Disney Plus, and Apple TVs. Netflix will face a lot of competition. As per now, Netflix still leads in the States of America. Most people spend an average of 30 minutes watch time on the application.

As time goes by, technology will come to take over. Humans will be living in an automated life. Such life can range from self-driven cars to increased use of Robots. We should be ready to embrace the change.