How to tame a cat in Minecraft

Among the many animals that you can find in the world of Minecraft, there are some that can keep as your pet, such as wolves, horses and cats. How do you say? Have you learned about this thing recently and would you like to know just how to tame a cat, so you can always have it with you on your adventures in the world of Minecraft? Then you will be happy to know that today I will explain just how to tame a cat on Minecraft.

Since, in Minecraft, cats are obtained from leopards, I will first explain how to get food that will be useful for finding these creatures and, subsequently, I will give you some tips that will allow you to tame them quickly and easily.

Dare: how about starting to consult this guide of mine to know the advice I have prepared for you? I am sure that, at the end of the reading, you will have managed to tame a cat in Minecraft to always carry it with you. There is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!


Preliminary operations

Before explaining how to tame a cat on Minecraft, it is necessary to make some clarifications on the theme. First of all, as already mentioned above, in the famous title of Mojang, to get cats you have to tame the leopards, wild animals that do not attack the player.

If you manage to tame a leopard, it will turn into a cat, which will follow you faithfully. In this regard, in the next chapters, I will explain how to obtain raw fish, a fundamental element for the success of this domestication process.

Create a fishing rod

The most suitable activity for obtaining raw fish, such as salmon or cod, in Minecraft is fishing. There are also other ways to achieve this: finding fish in trunks as treasure or defeating polar bears, but fishing is the most immediate one.

So, in case you want to start fishing within the game, you will need a fishing rod: this tool can be created using sticks and twine. As for the wooden sticks, you need to insert 2 units of wooden boards in a workbench and you’re done.

The string, however, is obtained by defeating the spiders. Alternatively, it is possible to create it starting from cobwebs, which can be found in any abandoned place, such as the libraries of the Fortresses, the Mines or the Magioni.

To collect a spider web, you must enchant a sword with a Silk touch, an attribute that allows you to obtain the object on which you interact without it being destroyed. I specifically talked to you about how to upgrade an object with a spell in my guide on how to make glass on Minecraft.

After obtaining 3 units of sticks and 2 units of cords, you must place them on a workbench, as indicated by the project in the recipe book that you find in the screen that is shown to you.

Catch fish

How to tame a cat in minecraft 1

Now that you’ve made a fishing rod, it’s time to go fishing. First, head to a stream and equip the fishing rod in a quick slot. Once this is done, select the object, so that you can hold it in your hand.

Then interact with the right mouse button in order to launch the hook into the water. You will need to be patient for a fish to bite. You will realize the moment when this will happen, because the prey will approach the hook, pulling the float under the surface of the water.

When the fish has bitten, right click, so as to pull the hook towards your avatar, thus moving the object caught in the inventory. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a fish will be caught every time, as you can also find other items while fishing, such as bowls or keys.

When you have enough raw fish (about ten units, to be sure) you can devote yourself to the search for a leopard, which I will tell you about in the next chapter.

How to find a Leopard

How to tame a cat in minecraft 2

leopard is a passive wild animal towards the player, in the sense that it does not try to attack it if it enters its visual range. Unfortunately it is a shy animal and will tend to run away if you get too close to it.

If you want to tame one, you’ll need to reach a Jungle biome and look for this creature in the foliage. It will not be an easy search but, once found, you can try to tame it, to transform it into a domestic cat.

Due to the particular shape of the Jungle, my advice is to catch the leopard with a leash, which is obtained with 4 units of string and a Slimeball: the latter is an object that is obtained by defeating the Slime, creatures that they live near the marshes or underground.

How to tame a cat in minecraft 3

After equipping a leash, slowly approach the leopard and interact on it, so as to apply the object to its neck: in this way, you can take the animal with you to a larger space, perhaps a clearing out of the bush, to have the chance to tame him more easily.

Alternatively, you can also lock it up in a large room, to be sure it won’t run away.

How to tame a cat

How to tame a cat in minecraft 4

Now that you’re standing next to a leopard, it’s time to try taming it, so that you can turn it into a cat.

To do this, equip raw fish in a quick slot to keep it in your hand, and approach the animal very slowly, trying to keep a distance of about 10 blocks.

The leopard will sense the presence of food and will slowly approach your avatar: at this stage, stand still and wait for the animal to approach completely.

How to tame a cat in minecraft 5

When it is close enough, interact on it with the raw fish, so as to feed it. If everything went well, the leopard will turn into a cat, changing the color of the coat.

The tame cat will follow your avatar everywhere, even in unreachable places, as it will teleport to your side, in case it is too far away.