How to make glass in Minecraft

While exploring the world of Minecraft, you see the existence of existing buildings. Some of these are made up of large structures that also have stained glass windows: an element that has particularly struck your attention, to the point that you would also like to implement these decorative elements in your refuge.

In fact, the glass on Minecraft is not just a decorative element: it has several purposes, such as creating ampoules, lighthouses or End crystals. Whatever use you want to make of it, however, you need to get it, and today I will explain how to do it. In this guide today, I will show you how to make glass on Minecraft, indicating the necessary materials and procedures for making this useful resource.

How do you say? Are you impatient to find out the advice I have prepared for you? Then sit nice and comfortable and read the tips and procedures that you will find in the next lines. I am sure you will be able to make fantastic projects thanks to this resource. Are you ready to start? Perfect, then let’s go straight to the action! I wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!



Make glass in Minecraft

If you want to create glass on Minecraft, I must inform you that the procedure requires some mandatory steps. In fact, you will have to collect the necessary material, and then proceed to its manufacture using some tools that you can make in the game. So pay attention to the steps I will show you in the following lines.

Collect the necessary materials

First, you need to get the necessary materials for making the glass. The main resource from which the glass is made is sand, which can be obtained by collecting it with bare hands or using a shovel. The sand is generally found near rivers, on beaches or in the desert and you can recognize it for its light yellow color.

Minecraft red sand

You can also get red sand, which is found in particular extreme desert areas, where no vegetation grows and only hostile creatures are present.

In addition to sand, you will also need fuel, which can be simple wood or coal obtained from the processing of coal or wood blocks, through the furnace. Finally, you need to get boards or wooden logs for the construction of a work bench, without it you will not be able to proceed to the next step.

The wood is obtained by hitting any tree with bare hands or with an ax. From this operation, the wooden logs are obtained, which you can work by creating boards. To do this, open the inventory and, in the right section (Manufacture), place an element of wooden trunk in each of the four squares. You will be immediately shown the result: the workbench, which you can drag into the inventory.

Then equip the workbench by moving it to the shortcut bar, and place it anywhere in your shelter.

Create a furnace

Minecraft furnace

After following the steps I mentioned in the previous paragraph, it’s time to create a furnace. To do this, you need the workbench and, above all, eight units of crushed stone. This material is very common in the world of Minecraft. You can find it near rocks or mountains or by digging the earth under the avatar’s feet.

Unfortunately, however, you must have a pickaxe, which you can create via the workbench, using wood as a raw material. After obtaining the crushed stone, access the workbench, which you previously placed in the refuge, and place the eight blocks of crushed stone in the squares you see on the screen, leaving the central one empty.

Alternatively, use the recipe book on the left (icon with a book symbol) to automatically fill in the furnace project with the necessary materials found in the inventory.

If you have carefully followed the procedures I have indicated to you, you will have created a furnace that you will have to move in the shortcut bar, so as to position it in the refuge.

Making glass

Now you have everything you need to make glass. Access the furnace to view the two panels for processing, place the fuel in the lower one (of which I told you in the previous paragraph ), while insert the sand in the upper one.

Once this is done, the production of the glass will start automatically, which you can find in the box on the right to be collected and placed in the inventory, by dragging.

By performing this procedure, you will make glass blocks that you can use like any building block. This, however, is in turn a material, which can be worked on in the workbench to carry out other projects, which I will tell you about in the next paragraph.

Use glass in other projects

There are several projects that require glass as a raw material for the realization of other objects. For example, if you want to create glass panels for the realization of a window, you need to arrange six glass blocks horizontally on two rows in the workbench. The distribution consists of boxes 1 to 6 in the image.

If, on the other hand, you want to create a bottle, you have to place glass blocks in positions 13 and 5. What I recommend is to open the recipe book using the appropriate icon with the symbol of a book, to see all the projects that you can currently make with glass.

Get the glass by spell

Minecraft spell book

On Minecraft there is the possibility of dipping an object with a spell, in order to enhance it. What do spells have to do with glass? I’ll explain it to you immediately in the following lines.

If you have found a stained glass window in one of the many pre-existing buildings in the world of Minecraft or you want to demolish one created by you, you will surely have noticed that when the blocks are broken, no materials are returned to you.

The glass on Minecraft is one of those resources that, once positioned, it is not possible to get back the materials you used for its construction, unlike instead of stone or wood, just to give some examples.

By enchanting a tool, such as an ax, a shovel or a pickaxe, it is possible to dip it with the Touch of Velvet spell, which allows you to use an instrument on a glass block to retrieve its material.

On Minecraft, spells are applied via a spell table or an anvil. Both of these tools are created through the workbench. The spell table is made with four obsidian units, two diamonds and a book, while the anvil is made with three iron blocks and four iron ingots.

The two tools work differently from each other. The spell table depends on the libraries that are built around it and consume resources, such as lapis lazuli, to add a random spell on an object.

The anvil, on the other hand, allows you to forge an object by dipping it with a spell inside a magic book. The latter can be found inside the trunks in the underground ruins, in the mines or in the wooden mansions, just to give you some examples.

They can also be acquired through trade with merchants in the villages, with a variable cost ranging from 5 to 64 emeralds. Alternatively, you can use the books on the spell table to dip them in a random spell, until you find the one you want.

After acquiring the Silk Touch book, go to the anvil you created in the refuge and access it. Then add an ax, a pickaxe or a shovel in the relevant box and then place the magic book in the adjacent housing, to immediately see the result of the enchantment.

Now, simply drag the enchanted item from the inventory to the shortcut bar to equip it. Then hit blocks or glass panels to shatter them and recover the material they are made of. It wasn’t difficult, was it?