How to add contact form 7 in WordPress page

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In our previous articles we have told you about Adding Post on Website using WordPress, Add Menu and sub-menu in WordPress website, Install a WordPress theme and customize it. Now you are Just a bit away from a beginner to being Intermediate in WordPress.If you haven’t read our previous articles on WordPress then you can directly click on the articles. In this article, we will tell you how to add a plugin for contact on your website. If your website is ready to publish but you don’t have any clue about how your clients or visitors will make contact with you. Then don’t worry. Here, we are going to short this problem out. Here we are going to use a free plugin called Contact Form 7 to add contact form on your website. Let’s talk about it in brief and how to use it.

Contact Form 7:

Contact form 7 is contact form generator. It helps your clients to make a contact directly from your website. It just requires Name, E-Mail ID, Subject for client’s message and the message of the client. And the message will directly send to your linked account.

How to Install Contact Form 7:

Open dashbord>Plugins(just below Appearance)>Add New

It will open New plugin Installation Page.

At the top right of the page, you will see a search box.

Search for contact form 7.

Now click on install button of Contact form 7.

Wait for Installing(It may take few seconds, totally depends on your Internet connection speed)

If it has Installed properly then click on Activate Button.

Now your Plugin has completely installed for your website.

Now Go to Dashboard>Contacts

Click on Contact Form.

Go to contact form 1 and click on Edit.

There you will see Option for Edit in Form, Mail, Messages and Additional settings.

By default, Editing opens With Form.


The form allows you to make the changes in your form which you want to give to your Users and it allows you to add text, email, URL, tel number, date, text area, drop-down, menu, checkboxes, radio buttons, acceptance, quiz, reCAPTCHA and file submit.

You can add any of form button according to your convenience.

Now go to Mail section

You can change your E-mail id from which you want to Send your message and to which you want to send Message.

And if you want to change other option too then you can but it will get complicated for you.

Now Click on the Message Box

From here you can change Messages given to users in different situations as if Sender’s message was sent successfully, Sender’s message failed to send, Submission was referred to as spam or such as other situations like that. You can also leave as it is.

Now the last box for Additional Settings

You can add customization code snippets here.

I advise you to leave it as it is.

Don’t forget to save changes.

Now your Contact Form 7 is ready to use.

Go to Contacts>Contact form and copy it shortcode.

Now go to your post where you want to create a contact form.

Go to post body and paste the shortcode of your contact form and click on Publish or Update(if you have made changes in your already published post)

Finally, Your Contact form has Generated and is ready for use by your clients and visitors.

If you are still facing any problem regarding add contact form then feel free to leave a comment. We will glad to short out your problem as soon as possible.