How to set up an Instagram account for your business

After reading our guide on how to use Instagram you too have let yourself be infected by this now famous application and you started taking pictures with more than we can? Yes? Well, seen and considered that Instagram is now one of the most popular and used apps in the world was to be expected.

However, if you now find yourself here, reading this tutorial, most likely it is because you are using your account on the famous app to promote yourself or your business and you would like to understand how to formalize an Instagram profile. If things are actually this way we’re happy to let you know that you can count on us this time also.

Before you misunderstand our words we want to tell you right away that unlike other social networks, such as Facebook, on Instagram you can formalize the profiles but unfortunately you can not personally request the thing to the team at shoulders of the famous app.

This, therefore, means that if the account is not automatically recognized as an official by Instagram to do so, it will be necessary to adopt a ploy.

That said, in the following lines we will go on to illustrate which accounts can possibly get a verification badge on the famous app and which alternative solutions (but still effective!) You can adopt formalize an Instagram profile. We’re sure you will eventually feel more than satisfied and that if necessary you will also be ready to provide all the details of the case to your acquaintances.

Are you ready? Is your answer is Yes? Very well, then let’s proceed!

Officialize an Instagram profile – verification badge

When Instagram accounts are created in the name of some famous people, public figures and well-known global brands, the staff of the famous app starts checks to find out who manages them. If the verification process shows that the personalities that they refer to are really handling the accounts, the verification badge is applied, which is a blue icon with a check mark.

Once obtained, the verification badge is visible next to the name of the reference Instagram account, both in searches and in the profile.

The accounts in question are verified and equipped with badges because it is very likely that they are replaced. So Instagram wants to make sure that community users can easily find the people and brands they want to follow.

For more details about verification badges, you can click here to consult the appropriate Web page related to the Instagram Help Center.

Officialize an Instagram profile – Alternative solutions

As we said, at the moment no subscriber to Instagram can formalize his profile by personally requesting the badge, we’re sorry.

Fortunately, however, it is possible to adopt some “strategies” to formalize an Instagram profile and then to let users know that they use the famous app that your is an official account.

To officialize a profile on Instagram as an alternative to the badge the same staff of the application proposes to insert a link in the profile to their official website, to the reference Facebook page or the link related to the official account on other social networking services, for example, Twitter or Google+.

In this way, it is possible to postpone users who visit the profile to websites and fan page on Facebook and official accounts of reference and let them know that it is the relevant official Instagram account.

If you want to add a link to your website or your company’s website to your Instagram account or if you want to add a link to your fan page or your official account on other social networks or those of your company just to start the app on your smartphone pressing on its icon and then access the section dedicated to your profile by tapping on the figure of the little man placed at the bottom right of the screen.

Then press on Edit Profile and then fill in the Website field by typing the URL of the reference website, the relevant Facebook page or the profile on other social services and the field Biography pointing to the fact that it is an official account and providing any additional links that may allow users to make sure that it is not a fake account. Then, tap the End item to save and apply the changes.

In addition to providing links to the website, the referring Facebook page or other official social profiles, we suggest you type a name and a consistent nickname and insert an image of the profile that allows other users to understand that it is an official profile.

To change the name and nickname simply access the Edit Profile section of the app, fill in the Name and User Name fields and tap on the item Finish.

To insert an image of the appropriate profile you must instead tap the Edit item located at the top right in the Edit Profile section application, select the desired avatar (you can also import it from Facebook or Twitter or you can take a picture at the moment using the camera of the smartphone) and then press on the item OK.

Report unofficial Instagram profiles

Keep in mind that if after having made official an Instagram profile wandering through the meanderings of the app you had to meet someone who pretends to be you or who has created an account without permission on behalf of your company, you can report it to the managers of the social network and request the implementation of appropriate measures.

To report a fake account on Instagram you can act directly from the app on your mobile device by going to the offending profile, pressing the button with the three dots on the top right, choosing the item Report from the menu that is shown and selecting the option I believe this account violates the guidelines of the Instagram community. Then press on Report Account and take the simple wizard displayed on the screen.

As an alternative to the method, we just mentioned you can provide to report a fake account on Instagram using the appropriate online form which you can access by clicking here.

Once the web page containing the form is displayed, select the most appropriate option among those available under the heading Report an account that acts as someone else on Instagram and then follow the simple procedure that is offered to you on the screen.

In both cases, after receiving your report, the staff of Instagram will analyze the account indicated and perform all the necessary checks.

After having ascertained the fact that it is a fake account, the application staff will take the appropriate action and will, therefore, ensure that your remains the only official Instagram profile of reference.


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