How to Add Posts on Website using WordPress

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Every website needs a content and information that you want to show to your users. They can be related to your business, experience or maybe a blog. If you have already created your admin panel on WordPress and you have customized your theme then it’s the time to start adding contents on your website. If you don’t know how to add a theme to your website yet then read Install A WordPress Theme And Customize It. In this article, we are going to tell you how to add a post on website in WordPress just in few simple steps.

Add Post on Website:

First of all, you need to open your wp-admin page and login into it.

Open Dashboard > Posts > Add new

  1. In the first text box type the title or headline for your post.

    (In the title or headline or post you can use words, numbers or any kind of phrases.You can also use commas, apostrophes, quotes, hyphens/dashes and other special characters.But keep in mind that you are not going to use same titles for your two posts to avoid any problem.)

  2. Now go to Post body section.

  3. At the right of the Body section, you have the option of using the Visual or Text mode of the editor.

  4. If you are a beginner and you don’t have much idea of coding or you want to save your time then I’ll suggest you use “Visual mode” as it is very to use and it is very simple as if you are writing in your Word Pad.

  5. If you already know HTML or other web designing language then “Text Mode” could be a good option and even for that WordPress gives you quick tags. Here is the explanation of these quick tags:

      • – <em></em> HTML tag for emphasis of text (i.e. italicize).

      • b – <strong></strong> HTML tag for strong emphasis of text (i.e. bold).
      • B – quote – <blockquote></blockquote> HTML tag to distinguish quoted or cited text.

      • del – <del></del> HTML tag to label text considered deleted from a post. Most browsers display as striked through text.

      • link – <a href=””></a> HTML tag to create a hyperlink.

      • ins – <ins></ins> HTML tag to label text considered inserted into a post.

      • ul – <ul></ul> HTML tag will insert an unordered list, or wrap the selected text in same. An unordered list will typically be a bulleted list of items.

      • ol – <ol></ol> HTML tag is used for ordered list. It will show your list with Numbers.

      • li – <li></li> HTML tag will insert or make the selected text a list item.

      • code – <code></code> HTML tag for preformatted styling of text. Generally sets text in a monospaced

      • more – <!–more–> WordPress tag that breaks a post into “teaser” and content sections.

      • Close Tags – Closes any open HTML tags.

  • Add Media in Post:

    You can also add any kind of media(Image, Audio, Video and much more) in your post.

Click on Add Media button just above your Post Body.

 Now upload a new file.You can directly add your file by “drag and drop” or by selecting a file.

You can add any link of your media by “Insert an Url” an option at your left.

Now click on Insert into post button at the right bottom of the add media window box.

If you have written your post then set a featured image for your post(This image will be used as Post Thumbnail).

Publishing Post:

Now go to Publish box.

  • Click on Save Draft button if you want to Publish it later.

  • Preview button will give you a view of your post as for how will it look after being Published.

  • If you have completed your post then click on Publish Button.

Finally, your post will be published on your website.

If you have any queries related to adding Post on Website using WordPress then you can leave your comment in our comment box.