Why Use WordPress in 2020? Check Out These 6 Reasons


Being a writer can be challenging because one has to go through a lot to become established. Creating relatable content, having good audience interaction, and being heard is necessary in this regard.  Most of the factors, like building content and promotion, require a lot of work. Anything that is quickly done is, therefore, a blessing

The Benefits of Having a Blog

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Have you ever considered starting a blog? A lot of people are choosing to create their own blog in 2020 and there are so many awesome reasons why. From making money to writing about your passions, there is no better time than the present to start your own website and writing. Do you need some

WordPress.com and WordPress.org : What is Difference

WordPress has two different versions: WordPress.com and WordPress.org have some similarities, but have a number of differences that distinguish them enough to be two completely separate products. What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? Each of the two versions have advantages and disadvantages, and are aimed at different user profiles. Here’s how the .com and .org models differ. 1. WordPress.com The WordPress.com is a

Problems with WordPress 5 and the new Editor Gutenberg : Solution

WordPress 5.0 is reality. The new version of the most famous CMS in the world introduces a flood of innovations including the revolutionary editor Gutenberg, which however is creating many compatibility problems with plugins and optimal display of pages. We provide you with the definitive solution How to disable Gutenberg on WordPress 5 and solve all compatibility issues

GDPR and WordPress: Best Plugins to Adapt GDPR

GDPR is easy to integrate with all sites created with WordPress there are several solutions to adapt easily, quickly and free. Here are best plugins GDPR and WordPress: The Best Plugins to Adapt to the Regulation The GDPR, the new regulation that aims to protect personal data, has affected everything and even those who have a site

How to rollback to previous version of WordPress

Have you updated WordPress to the latest version and you have problems with blocking, unreachable site and plugins that do not work? Here’s how to get back to the previous version of WordPress Not always everything runs smoothly with WordPress, an installation finished badly, an automatic update that has sent the whole site in error preventing access to

How MailChimp works

After reading my guide on how to create a successful blog, you decided to open your website and in a short time you managed to get a fair number of readers. One of them advised you to create a newsletter, which allows you to subscribe and receive an email with all the news on the