Why Use WordPress in 2020? Check Out These 6 Reasons

Being a writer can be challenging because one has to go through a lot to become established. Creating relatable content, having good audience interaction, and being heard is necessary in this regard. 

Most of the factors, like building content and promotion, require a lot of work. Anything that is quickly done is, therefore, a blessing to writers. 

Using WordPress makes this process a little less hectic and allows one time to work on other things. 


6 Reasons to Use WordPress in 2020:

WordPress is a software that allows one to create their sites and publish their work. The work can vary from blogs to books and everything in between. 

WordPress has been beneficial to writers and readers alike since the beginning of its existence. Today, let us take a peek at six significant reasons why one should use WordPress. 

We know that after reading this, you will not even want to consider another platform.

1: WordPress is Customizable

Many bloggers tend to work with specific themes and aesthetics. They may dedicate their site to beauty, fitness, poetry, stitching, or practically anything. Blogs such as these look more appealing when they are customized. 

WordPress allows multiple themes and fonts for the user to mix and match and land with their customized website. One can put their logo, change colors, add different styles and fonts on their websites.

One can choose from thousands of themes that are available and further customize the same to fit them. The best part is that these themes can be used by people who have no prior experience in web designing. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to build your website and how it looks. 

2: WordPress is Free

One would think that such a famous software that is used by billions of people must charge something. To your absolute surprise, WordPress is free software and doesn’t charge a penny. 

One can download multiple themes and change their look without having to pay. One can even upload their work for their audience, and the entire process does not charge a buck. 

The only requirements for accessing WordPress is a distinctive domain name and the best web hosting. Both of them are very easy to get, but they charge a minimal amount to own. 

The offer of having so much freedom at the cost of almost nothing is what makes WordPress such a good platform.

3. Write & Proofread Your Content Directly in WordPress

I used to write my content on MS Word or Google Doc, and after completing my work, pasting it into the WordPress post editor. I followed this process because I want to make sure that my content is error-free because MS Word and Google Doc can detect minor spelling and grammar mistakes.

But, now Grammarly is always there for me. Grammarly is a browser extension that you can install on your browser to proofread your text. This tool is accessible and compatible with every website. Be it, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or WordPress, Grammarly browser extension is readily available everywhere.

However, Grammarly is now also available for MS Word and Google Doc, but it doesn’t make sense to write content on MS Word first and later paste it on WordPress.

With WordPress, You can also check your article for plagiarism directly from WordPress post editor. Grammarly can also fix your punctuation and spelling errors, and it also helps you by providing vocabulary suggestions.

4: WordPress is User-Friendly

WordPress, as a platform, takes the responsibility of keeping its users in the loop with updates. The user can get a notification about an update and use the updated features accordingly from their dashboard. 

This makes using the platform impeccably convenient and allows one the freedom of running a site. One has complete control and access over the place they have built.

WordPress also allows the user to use the WordPress back-up plugin. This will enable one to back-up every work they have published on the site. 

Lastly, WordPress also has a mobile app to access and manage one’s page on the go not to have to be glued to a laptop screen to manage their site. 

5: The WordPress Security

WordPress takes security and privacy very seriously, ensuring that none of your private information is leaked. It is comparatively difficult to hack into a WordPress account and steal data. 

Although the internet is an unpredictable space, and nobody can completely assure anything. WordPress still makes an effort to make sure their users stay safe. 

One can also add further security layers on their WordPress accounts to ensure safety further. There are multiple antiviruses and anti-hacking software that deliver decent protection. 

WordPress allows such protection services upon it. WordPress is easily the safest bet one can make while making a website.

6: WordPress and Comparability

Lastly, WordPress is compatible with multiple media types, be it audio, video, or images. WordPress allows maximum media compatibility to make your site all the more impressive. 

Users can use videos, songs, and pictures to decorate their articles or use them as evidence. The possibilities of incorporating media are endless, and WordPress works to ensure the users have that access.

Lastly, WordPress is very SEO friendly; thus, it is relatively easy for articles on WordPress to be in the search results. If one can write a seo-optimized article, they can get monetized and make some money too.

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