How to block unwanted phone number in Android and iPhone

You have reached the end of endurance and you can no longer manage the numerous calls from unwanted numbers that you receive at the most absurd times.

There are many unknown numbers that contact you at any hour of the day to offer some special offer or simply are numbers that call automatically but when you pick up the phone, there is no person on the other side.

There could be several reasons for all these continuous phone calls: for example, it could be the joke of a friend a little ‘intrusive or your ex-boy/girl’ who keeps on calling you incessantly. The fact is that, if you reflect in one of these cases, then you’ve come to the right place.

In the following article I will explain how to block incoming calls of unwanted numbers either through the default setting of your Android smartphone or iOS, if it is present, or through the use of third-party applications that you can install on your device.

What you need to do is simply sit comfortably and follow the steps that I will show you.

This introduction has intrigued you, but you’re not on the technology nor on the topics concerning smartphones? You do not have to worry about anything, I’ll take care of explaining everything to you.

Now let’s see how to block unwanted numbers, all you have to do is hold your phone.

Ready to start? I wish you a good read.

How to block unwanted numbers on Android

On Android smartphones, you can block calls received from an unwanted number through different procedures that touch the device settings.

The procedure that I will go to indicate, however, is not said to be the same on all Android smartphones, as they are now different smartphone manufacturers that customize the Google operating system, adding, removing, moving or adapting some features.

I then make this tutorial and then examine a device with an Android operating system, version 8 (Oreo).

The first method that I recommend you use is the one related to the use of the default call blocking setting. You can reach it by opening the native app to make calls ( icon of a telephone receiver ); Now, tap the three-point symbol (…) at the top right and select the Settings item.

Among the many options that appear on the screen, you will have to select the one showing the words Call barring.

Then tap on it and then tap on the Add a number entry. Then type the phone number of the person to be blocked in the Phone number text field and then tap the Lock button.

Another even simpler method that allows you to block an unwanted number requires you to act through the history of calls made/received.

To take advantage of this other call barring method, tap the phone call icon and select the call history tab ( clock symbol ).

Now scroll down the list until you find the contact you want to block and keep your finger on it until a context menu appears.

Then tap on Block / Report spam so you can block the unwanted phone number.

There is also the possibility of diverting a particular telephone number to the answering machine.

However, this procedure that I am about to illustrate is reserved for contacts in the address book.

Therefore, if you want to apply this method to an unknown number, you will need to save it first in the address book.

Then open the Contacts app and scroll through the list until you find the user on which you want to activate call forwarding.

Tap on it and then tap the three-point symbol (…) at the top right. From the context menu that will appear, select the Address to voicemail entry.

From that moment on, that user, when he tries to call you, will be routed directly to the answering machine set on your phone number.

How to block unwanted numbers on iPhone

If you want to act as an Apple smartphone, and therefore from iPhone, know that you can decide to block a single phone number or directly a contact, which can, however, have associated one or more numbers.

This is a very effective native option: from phone numbers blocked by default, you will not receive calls, text messages or talks on FaceTime.

We proceed then with order, speaking of the first method, that is the block of the single number.

To block a number that is not in your contact list, tap the telephone receiver symbol. Select the recent tab now, using the clock icon in the lower bar.

Scroll through the list until you find the number you want to block and tap the information symbol (i) next to it.

Keep scrolling through the items that are presented to you on the screen and tap the one called Block contact. At the notification that will appear, tap again on Block contact to confirm the blacklisting.

If you want to set a block of a number in the contact list, you can also proceed with a different method. Reach the home screen of your iPhone and tap on the Settings app ( gear icon ).

Scroll down the list until you find the Telephone entry, which you will need to tap on. Then tap on Call barring and identification and then on Block contact.

In the new screen that will appear, you will have to select the contact you want to block, to be able to insert it in the blacklist.

By blocking the contact, you will automatically block incoming calls from all the numbers associated with it.

How to block unwanted numbers via the App

Depending on your actual needs, the default lock functionality of your smartphone may not fully meet your needs.

For example, you may need an application that can block incoming calls from anonymous numbers or it is a situation where you would like to view the call ID to figure out who is calling you.

In case of situations similar to those just listed, know that in the digital stores Android and iOS there are some apps that can do for you.

So I list some apps that I recommend you download and install on your smartphone.

Truecaller ( Android / iOS ):

This free app is one of the most used since it has a very large user community. It is thanks to the latter that its database is updated every day and there is a substantial list of potentially unwanted numbers.

Among its most important features is that of displaying the ID of a number, through the labels suggested by the community, and that of blocking calls.

Hiya Caller ID and Block ( Android / iOS ):

Like Truecaller, Hiya is an app that has a huge database of telephone numbers.

The app allows you to identify the incoming call and label it in the appropriate way, ie spam, fraudulent or telemarketing.

You can then block all unwanted numbers easily, without difficulty.

Mr. Number-Block calls & spam ( Android / iOS ):

Developed by Hiya, the same as Hiya Caller ID, this free application blocks calls and SMS from unwanted numbers. It can count on a database that identifies the calls received.

Calls Blacklist ( Android ):

It’s a free app that does not rely on any online database for viewing and identifying a call. If a number annoys you, you can create a blacklist and put it in the list of numbers you want to block.

You can also decide to set a time slot and the specific days in which you want to activate the block.